Best GM and the Worst GM

Okay you be the boss who is the best GM in the CFL and who is the worst.
You can give honorable mentions!

Best = Jim Popp for he always finds unknown players who develop into stars. Rarely does he go after star free agents unless they are Montreal players. The only one I remember him getting while he was already proven was Duane Butler.

Worst = Hugh Campbell. When your wallet is as big as his, you don't ever care about doing your GM's job. You just hire the best guys from other teams. And you re-sign everyone of them when they become FA no matter what they ask. That guy has no creativity and can't see the talent in young guys (or he don't want to bother develop them).

Honorable mention to Adam Rita who finds ways to keep his key players (although I believe he does it Campbell-style).

Popp best, agree there. Give an honourable mention to the new guy in Hamilton, he's been really active trying to improve the team. Worst is not Campbell, that's got to go to Shivers. Team is going in the wrong direction and he is doing absolutely nothing; at least Campbell keeps a team together that makes the playoffs every year.

You know, MadJack, Shiv's doing one thing spectacularly this off-season - ducking the media.....he's not been around to answer for anything.....other than that, nothing new to add here - best = Popp, worst = Shiv.....

You and me would be as good as Campbell would we had his purse and lack of ethics. Look at this dramatization:

Me: So Jason... looks like its time to get yourself a new deal with us...

Tucker: Yeah... But I might wait to become a free agent to see my value on the market.

Me: Nah! Free agency is for losers. How much do you think you're worth?

Tucker: Err... 200 000$.

Me: Granted.

Tucker: Err.. sorry... my mistake.. I really meant 250 000$.

Me: Granted.

Tucker: ?...

Me: So, do we sign this contract?

Tucker: Woo, woo, we haven't talked bonuses yet.

Me: Well, there's that "Other" part on the contract that hasn't been filled.

Tucker: You want to fill it now?

Me: Nah. You do it. Write in there what you need as a bonus.

Tucker: Geez. Okay.

Me: Try to stay reasonable.

Tucker: Reasonable is my middle name.

[Cellphone rings. Tucker writes while I speak on the phone. ]

Me: Hello?... Heyyyy Ricky, my man... How ya been?... What's that?... Unhappy with your contract?... Well, yeah, of course you pay taxes. Everyone does... Re-write your contract so your net income be what's now your total income?... Err... Okay. Drop by my office tomorrow, we'll do that.

[I hang up. Tucker hands me the contract.]

Me: Let's look at this.... Hmmm.... 1 000$ par catch... a new car for every 10 touchdowns... a McDonald's franchise everytime we make the playoffs... and a new set of Taylor Made golf clubs.

Tucker: We got a deal?

Me: Err... that's a lot dude... Could we settle for a set of Callaway golf clubs? We'd have a deal then.

Tucker: Hey, I told you I was reasonable... Okay for the Callaway clubs.

See? It ain't difficult being Hugh Campbell.

hahaha another jewel !

Great one third!

Best GM Popp....Honor. mention Katz( I hope I spelled it right) in Hamilton
Worst Shivers.....Fiddling while Rome Regina burns

Best Popp hon mention Barker

Worst Shivers hon mention Taman

Best--------Ackels (homer call) had success in the NFL (Iknow that means nothing, just filling space)
Worst------Joe Galat , he decimated the lions in the 80's, the last I heard he was trying to start a Eastern based league. Hope he stays back there.

What about the Glibermans?

The Glieberman's aren't GM's.

.....unless we're talking about Great Morons.....

Wally is the GM Ackels is president of the club

Best GM - Sierra 1500HD or Cadillac STS
Worst GM - Pontiac Aztec

I totally and fully agree on the worst GM, although those new vibes or whatever they call them are nearly as bad.

As for best GM, I nominate my old '90 Chev Lumina Euro. It started life as my dad’s car when I was too poor to own one, but eventually dad traded up, and I got to buy it from him. But, that car did things that I don’t think you should be able to do in a car. I did a 540 on the freeway at approximately 90 kph without even beginning to roll, although that was probly cause I was 16 and too dum to know that I shouldn’t make the car do that.

Oh, and to stay on “topic”… Best General Manager (you can understand my confusion) I’d probably agree that Popp is the best. He always seems to find guys to fit the holes they have… for honourable mention, I’m going to say Barker here in cowtown. He did a great job last year turning the stumps into stamps again.

Worst… well, hmmmmm, lemme think. Oh, right.


Although I thought the riders shouldn’t have dumped him after the season, that was mainly for the cost of buying him out. Plus, I had hoped that he’d do something this year… that’s obviously crazy of me.

Best General Managers: Popp, Campbell,
Worst General Managers: Gump in Ottawa, Taman
The reasons for picking Popp and Campbell are obvious. Grey Cup appearances mean success.
Taman deserves to be tied with Gump, based on the Peg's total disregard for the CFL Draft of Canadian talent. He and Dave Ritchie probably share the blame for the Bomber's lack of good Canadian depth. These are not the Bombers of Bud Grant or Mike Riley.
Forrest Gregg spends most of his days at the staring window with Abe Simpson. No wonder the Gades are a joke. Hopefully, Eric Tillman can turn them around.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 at Ivor Wynn)

I agree that Popp is probably the best, because no matter what happens with his team personnel-wise he always finds new players to replace them.

Ticat GM Rob Katz is a close second, though. Remember he came in part-way through '05, so he can't be blamed for the 5-13 record. In fact, most (or all?) of those wins came after he was named GM. He brought in Kevin Eakin, who may be Maas' heir apparent, and Travis Claridge (RIP), who really bolstered our offensive line. And look at all the moves he's made in this off-season. In addition to re-signing nearly all of our own free agents. That, and he's established a good relationship with the media. He's new, but he has the potential to be one of those great GMs.

Shivers is the worst, no question. He's doing nothing to upgrade his team, seems to think he's doing a great job, and is always putting his foot in his mouth in the media. Forrest "Gump" Gregg may be #2...hard to rank him that way when he's really just started, though.

Still jealous, hey Turd? When are you gonna get over the fact that the EE are the class of this leaugue? Yes the EE have deep pockets...but according to you genius, the Als have the highest ticket prices and according to many of your nauseating posts from last season generate as much revenue as the what is it, exactly? The EE buy their teams. And the Jolly Allouettes "build" theirs? Don't make me laugh...

And if you're going to respond to this topic you should probably enlighten yourself on who the GM is in Edmonton...his name is PAul Jones. And he used to be the head scout for MANY years and found...that's right, FOUND such talents as Damon Allen, Tracy HAm(remember him?), Matt DUnnigan...shall I go on? You never miss a chance to take a poke at the EE...34 years and counting, Turd. Like it or not...but keep shaking your fist westward and holding your breath. It looks good on you.

Ya the als build thier teams through drafting scouting and trades not by buying other teams players. 3 of the als 5 starting O linemen have only played for the als, Calvillo was developed by the als, Cahoon, Stala, Watkins, Thyron Anderson, Robert Edwards, Curry, Duval, Philion,Strickland, and Karikari. Theres others as well but I think you get the idea. All this plus the fact that the als usually get raided each off season of players they developed. I just named 14 players that are still with the als that htye turned into stars.

Can you name half as many star players on the esks that they developed on their own? I can think of 5, Ray, Tucker, Hervey, Tompkins and Gass can you name any other star player on the esks that they developed

Well, so far Eski-Moses, everyone seems to agree Jim Popp knows how to scout and hire young gems. He's been named by everyone on that post but you. And, anyways, I don't even need to point out how we develop our own players in Montreal. If you can't recognize that, you haven't followed much of what's been going on these past ten years.

And I find it pretty funny that you talk about the guy who discovered Grampa Allen. In what decade/century did that happen? :lol:

If you want to keep making a fool of yourself, you should post in the joke thread.