Best Game You Ever Saw

It's 4th of July down here in the states I have finished the cookout and quite frankly I am board out of my skull so here is my attempt to spark some intersting reading---Tell me the best game you ever saw--I would like to see it based on a football reason, IE- high scoring (my favorite) great defense, or great last second play that will stick in your mind forever--my top three are 2000- Michigan-vs-Northwestern score 56 to 49, 1995 Purdue vs Notre Dame score (I think) 35 to 31, and finally, 1989 Grey Cup game we all know the score of that one--anyway which game(s) make your list? Take Care and lets hope come Saturday night we are all happy.

Count me in on the '89 Grey Cup too! "The Catch". Others...

2005 Vanier Cup. Laurier 24 U-Sask 23. Ivor Wynne.
32 yard FG with 19 seconds left in upset win.

1994 Vanier Cup. Western 50 U-Sask 40. (OT) Rogers Centre.
U-Sask with huge comeback, Western ties it on last second 42-yard FG. My first play-by-play gig.

1996 Grey Cup. Toronto 43 Edmonton 37. Ivor Wynne.
Big plays, back and forth, in the snow, two GREAT teams.

1997 Eastern Final. Toronto 37 Montreal 30. Rogers Centre.
Argos shouldn't have won. Huge comeback capped by Flutie to Pinball winning TD.

1989 Grey Cup.
1996 Grey Cup.
1998 Eastern Final.
1986 Total-Point Eastern Final.
Any Super Bowl that the Bills lost.

Yeah, I am going to have to go with the 1998 East Final against Montreal.

I remember that last minute so vividly.

When the clock ticked down and Montreal had scored to go ahead, I remember looking over at my brother while sitting in our seats in section 8 and saying, "I can't believe we lost this %$@*ing game!"

So after Danny Mac's quick strike to set up the kick, my faith was restored that we still had a chance.

Ozzy leaned into it and it looked like such an ugly kick but by the graces of God it made it through the uprights! I remember hugging my brother and various other people I had never talked to in my life while jumping and screaming as Dave Ritchie collapsed to his knees.

Final score: Hamilton 22, Montreal 20.

God bless the CFL!

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86 2game total point - (Game 2)
89 Grey Cup - Tony certainly WAS a Champion!!
98 Eastern Final against Mtl.. what a roller coaster ride that puppy was

Two game total point final victory over the Argos in '86-greatest victory in team history IMO.
'98 Eastern Final win over the Als-Ozzy's breathtaking 54 yard kick to take the Cats into the Grey Cup, simply awesome.

Any of my sons football games,the last 3 years,he plays on the the Atom Bombers of the HMFA. :slight_smile: cant wait for the season to start watch out Atom Ti-Cats we coming to get ya and your championship(thats right folks Cats are actually champs at something)If any of you want to see some great football the season starts in Sept. most games are played at Mohawk sports complex. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

For one game: 1989 Grey Cup.

Tony Champion made the greatest clutch catch I've ever seen in 35 years of following football -- with broken ribs!

An absolutely spine-tingling moment to watch whenever CBC or ESPN Classic replays the game!

Honourable mention: Mosca's last hurrah, the 1972 Grey Cup game.

Oski Wee Wee,

Hmm. many great games already listed. For me 72 Ian Sunter game winner. I was only 9 years old and it was the first game I ever remember and the first championship for a favorite team. I'm still waiting on the Leafs. Great game at Ivor Wynne Chuck Ealey, Tony Gabriel, Angelo's last game Garney Henley. For me my first and best game

Count me in with Mike Hogan! The best football game ever was the '89 Grey Cup. Neither team really "won" as much as did the "fan"! Good clean football, well called by the zebra's, tight to the very last play. It doesn't get a lot better, though I can agree with Mike's suggestion of Cdn College ball games...he gave a well thought out response!


1981 San Diego playoff win over Miami. Kellen Winslow impressed me more in that game than maybe any player has since. Possibly the only time I saw God play football in something other than a no. 34 Bears jersey.

I remember listening to you call that game while I was marking papers.
The most excited I've ever heard a neutral play-by-play announcer get. Except for that Spanish soccer "Gooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaallllllllll!!!!!!" guy.

November 20th, 1978. Houston Oilers 35 Miami Dolphins 30. Worth it just to watch Earl Campbell that night. I am a Dolphin fan and they lost but it was a great game. Night my son was born, but before game time!

I agree. Even though we lost the game the entire 89 season was amazing for Hamilton. Didn't Champion catch like 95 balls that year for 1500+ yards?

The 1989 Grey Cup certainly was a good game, one of the best, if not the best I have seen. I don't recall everything that happened in it that well, but from what I understand, the official did not do that well. I have heard they should have called at least a few more penalties in that one.

He certainly did, as you can see if you click here.

As for me, the 1998 East Division Final sure was a good one. But I may have to go with the 1986 and 1999 Grey Cups, which may not be considered great games by some, but I am a little biased. :slight_smile:

#1 gm 2 east final 1986 in toronto we came back down like 26 pts

#2 1981 labour day vs edm at the wynn 35-35 tie 2 best teams in cfl clements vs moon

#3 88 labour day at home we spank argos like 56-20 or something i think earl got 4 td's 3 diff ways. remember fb jed tommy running over brazely in front of cat bench and kulka getting booted out of game and having to walk by cat bench with players waving bye to him.

#4 89 cup no doubt champ's catch,and the ref's trying to screw us over too bad we lost though

#5 east final in toronto dieter brock almost led us to victory until al mcolman's horrible call on gerald bess cost us the game

#6 98 east final ...ozzy ozzzy

#7 84 east final revenge on argos.. felix wright 4 ints and brock to ron johnson in overtime.

I believe Labour Day 1982 (year Frank Kush coached and Clements was QB) They were playing Edmonton (during thier glory years) and the score ended up 34 all. Something controversial happened at the end as well. Does anyone remember?

A missed pass interference call that, if called, would have put the Cats in easy field goal range.

In the melee over the door to the visitors dressing room, I got pushed over the railing as the Esks left the field and cracked my tailbone. Yep, sometimes when I have to sit on a hard bench for a long time (like, say, every two during the summer and fall), I'm reminded of that game.

I’d have to go with Labour Day '81 as well. Remember, that same Esk team had spanked us in the Grey Cup less than a year before. This time though, it was the epitome of the immovable object meeting the indestructible force. I got to stand on the field for that game, and Tommy Scott caught a long pass on the sidelines and came to a skidding halt right at my feet, while wearing all-star DB David Shaw on his back. Exciting, masterful football.

'86 Eastern playoffs and Grey Cup of course, as well as '89 Cup and '98 Eastern Final.

And then there was this game:

8) One game still stands out in my memory and that would be the 1967 Grey Cup game played on a frozen field in Ottawa. The Cats that year had the best defensive team in franchise history !! They completely shut down Saskatchewan, on route to an easy 24-1 victory !! (sorry Ron) !!

That day was probably the coldest of any game I have ever attended, but it sure was worth it !!!

Defensive football at its finest !!!