Best game of the week

BC win a close game over Bombers with a rookies QB with little play time this year. Doesn't get better than this.

Next on the menu....rotten gopher in Regina


Sorry but - best 4 games this week in Canada- #1Queens U VS Western Mustangs- ... m?id=14772 # 2 Stamps vs Riders #3 Ticats VS Al,s #4 U Pick of the rest

I'd take the Rider Stamps game and the Ticat Als' game, both had crisp efficient offenses. The Leos Bombers game was exciting, but for the opposite reason, very sloppy.

just a homer BC fan there...

While the result of the Cats/Als game was not in our favour, I agree it sure was an entertaining game... but it did not match the sheer excitement of the Riders/Stamps game... the Blew team/EE game was the low bar set. .the weekend went out with a bang.... the CFL is by far the most exciting league!!!

All the games were close this week, which is exciting, but a tie game doesn't automatically make it a great game.

The Lions game did show case an up and coming star in Lulay.

I am sure things will get more exciting in the tight west down the road.

Hammer. Nail. Hit on head.

Seems to me the brunt of the boring games this year have featured the two teams wearing blue, both have solid to very good defenses and a good running game, and nothing else that resembles an offense.

The Riders vs. Stamps game was by far the most exciting, the only downside was that no one won the game.

Every game this week was exceptionally high quality. I'll give it to the Stamps-Riders game which had a bit of everything and both teams had just as much motivation to win (whereas my Als really had nothing tangible to play for against Hamilton).

That makes the win more impressive though. The Al's played a heckuva game and had nothing to play for.

I would say it was more like the best week of the games.

The BC v Wpg game was good if you like street fighting, it was messy and dirty.