Best game I have ever seen Durant Play-

The O line did a great job of handling Calgarys pass rush and Durant played perhaps the best game I have seen a QB play in the CFL in years--

He was hitting the short game, rolling out, throwing in the right areas, making the right read, running when he had to, just poised, was very calm unlike the hyper Drew Tate-

Dressler and Getzlaf and Smith were exceptional--

Kory Sheets was amazing last night- he is so hard to tackle and has shown in terms of a brusing back that can wear down defenses there is no one better in the CFL--

MACHO HARRIS looks like he could become the best DB in the CFL- I watched him at V TECH and he was amazing in college- surprised hes not in the NFL-

Cortez is calling great plays.

Yep, solid solid game all around… it looked to be very close for a bit, but then we took over playing very smart , tough football… Congrats to players and coaches both. Keep up the great play