Best Football Movies

What are your votes for the best football movies?

I say "movies" rather than "movie" because I want your favorite in each category that I list.

  • Serious Movie
  • Comedy
  • Childrens Movie
  • College Football Movie
  • High School Football Movie
  • Professional Football Movie
  • Best Overall

My Votes...

Serious Movie:

The Waterboy

Children's Movie:
Little Giants

College Football Movie:
The Program

High School Football Movie:
Remember the Titans

Professional Football Movie:
Brian's Song

Best Overall:

does anyone else feel 'falco' from the movie 'the replacements' is kinda based on doug flutie?....falco, flutie...both played during NFL lockout and both teams were red, white and blue ( flutie being a patriot )...both QBs led thier teams to the playoffs only to be benched infavor of 'managements' QB of choice.

Flutie played in the NFL during the lockout?

I have one all round fav.. Rudy

Brian's Song, 'nuff said.

Kids movie #1 little Giants (my daughter was better than icegirl !!)(Funny movie #1-Longest yard!(1) serious movie#1-win one for the gipper (i think thats the name? )

That movie "win one for the gipper" is called Everybody's All American. (I think! lol)

i just gotta vote on 2

highschool: Remember The Titans ( all time fav)

comedy: Water Boy

North Dallas 40

has any1 else seen the movie ''Facing The Giants''?

it is one of those movies that like no1 else knoes about and nvr went to the theatres but was on DVD and turned out to be great


From Wikipedia:

"Doug Flutie crossed strike lines in the 1987 NFL strike season, and charges of being a scab dogged him thereafter. Flutie signed with the NFL's Chicago Bears in 1986, then went to the New England Patriots 1987-89."

Oski Wee Wee,

I'm only voting for one movie cos it is my all time favourite football movie.

The Program.

I'll give one prop for Best Football Movie: The Longest Yard (the original) -- Burt Reynolds was great as Paul Crewe and Eddie Albert was fantastic as the conniving Warden Hazen.

Honourable mention: "The Program." James Caan was super in that as Coach Sam Winters.

Oski Wee Wee,

Comedy -
1)The Replacements
2)The Waterboy

Serious -
1)Invincible (anyone who hasnt seen it I highly recommend it)
2)The Program
3)Jerry Maguire

Serious - Brian's Song...and not the one that cost Kojo a MUCH better career

Comedy - The Longest Yard...the original

Kids - Little Giants...I love ANY movie where the Cowboys lose

High School - Remember the Titans

College - Rudy

Professional - Legend in Granite...about Vince Lombardi and his time in Green Bay

Overall - Being a HUGE Notre Dame fan and almost grad, it pains me to say "Remember the Titans"

Comedy --
Horse Feathers (1932)

Drama --
North Dallas 40 (1979)