Best Football City in Canada?

As I've been delving more into the various levels of football in Canada, I'm wondering how deeply the sport is entrenched in the various cities around the country.

I think there's an argument to be made that Ottawa is #1:

-a CFL team (Redblacks)
-two USports teams (Ravens and Gee-Gees)
-Panda Game (most attended USports football game year after year, I think)
-CJFL team (Sooners)
-QMJFL team (Junior Riders)
-CCWFL team (Capital Rebels)

-had a semi-pro NFC team (Sooners) that seems to be on hiatus after Covid. Not sure if they'll be resurrected in 2023

-all-girls high school tackle football team

-home to Gridiron Academy and the Cumberland Panthers program

I'm sure there are arguments in favour of other cities. Who can top Ottawa?


Ottawa is a great football city!

Love attending games there.

Hamilton has strong highschool (STM), we have the Hurricanes, MAC, and of course the Cats.

We hold our own.

You also have the Steel City Patriots in the NFC, a league I'm just starting to learn about.

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I can’t argue with your reasoning on Ottawa and don’t know enough about amateur football to do so. But I think it is fair to say that you are talking about amateur football. Ottawa is definitely not the best pro football city. That would be either Winnipeg or Regina. Toronto would be the worst.


Wherever Canadian Pro Football is played - and loved . . . . . is a great football city!


Agreed. I made this topic in part to find out more about what's going on at the grassroots level across the country.

Regina and Winnipeg both have USports, CJFL, and WWCFL teams. I'm not sure about senior semi-pro ball. That seems to be just Alberta, Ontario, and the Maritimes.

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Okay, you guys can be #1 as long as you don't start calling us #2. :grin:


Ottawa, Winnipeg & Regina (Sk) all can stake valid claims.

All have at least one USports teams (Winnipeg just has one in the Bisons, Regina has its hometown school and U of SK in Saskatoon)
Winnipeg has one big junior team and tons of bantam, hi-school, 6 man & girls football.

Its really quite amazing - Regina is under 300,000 souls, Winnipeg barely 700,000 & Ottawa nearly 800,000.

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Edmonton is in there too. There were a bunch of guys drafted out of the U of A program.

Plus there's the Wildcats (PFC) and the Huskies (CJFL).

All that builds on the back of the High School football programs, which were very well represented in the recent (sorry brain not working today) High school football game coached by Matt Dunnigan and (ADHD sucks, brain won't work) just before the start of the pre-season.

Then the Edmonton Minor League Football association. Gotta get that in my nephews (one from each side of the family) played for the Seahawks.


More support for Ottawa's claim: