Best Fire the Coach Story

I believe it was 1994. The team had been saved yet again. This time by current BC owner David Braley.

Someone in the organization got the bright idea that we needed some new blood at coach. Looking at our records since the 89 Grey Cup, most people would agree. The Tiger Cat brass settled on a guy named David Beckman. No, not the soccer player with the overly scrawny wifed. But some guy with a steller High School coaching record from Ohio.

As the team sunk lower and lower in the standings and the knowledgable 12,000 fans in the stands grew angrier and angrier with a coach who was so over his head it was actually comical, Jake and I got a great idea.

Instead of parading around a large DIE ARGOS DIE banner we created one that said: "Don Cherry for Coach". Cherry was at the height of his popularity so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

  • Sidebar -
    Cherry, while coaching the Bruins, once laid out Toronto Argonaut flags on the boards in front of the bench at the Gardens during the national antham. Ticat and Leafs owner Harold Ballard went berzerk.

We paraded it around the stadium for almost 3 quarters of a game that we actually weren't getting blown out of (agains the Green Riders, I believe). We were getting standing ovations from half full sections of people. Beer was being bought for us left and right. And, then things went south.

We got the bright idea to go down in front of Box D where the owner sat and parade our banner there. As most of the people cheered our sign, 2 burley officers of the law came up to us and asked us to leave. We complied and went back under the stands for more beer. But the officers followed and we were told - "no, leave the stadium. The owner wants you three (innocent guy named McKenna was implicated with Jake and I) out. Now."

And, so, we were forcibly removed.

Moral - express yourself in an anonomous forum instead of with 10 foot by 10 foot signs.

  • Post script -

Snuck back in on the North Side, sans sign, and watched a thrilling finish.
Made freinds with Braley's son over beers.
Made freinds with Braley at Grey Cup 05.

Ah yes, time heals all wounds…but our experiences leave me using terms other than “Brilliant” to describe the man.

I’m kind of liking the Cats of old…aka win a cup and then go bankrupt.

Beckman became coach mid-1990.
Was fired in favour of John Gregory just before Labour Day 1991.

Good story Will.

It might be McMahon-ish of me but the story on Beckman went that he liked something other than water in his water bottle.
By the second half he was fully refreshed and full of clarity.

By the second half he was fully refreshed and full of clarity.


Interesting. The BOD of the Forbidden Website are usually fully refreshed and full of clarity by the second half too.

Legend, just a legend mind you, has it an overly refreshed Beckman asked Ozzy to kick a 60something yard FG.

A stunned Ozzy replied "are you effing nuts?, I cant make that."

The refreshed gambler, Beckman , grabbed Ozzy by the shoulders "but, hic, you're the Oz,!!! hic,"

Wait'll next game.

Hmmmmm.....we'll have to corraborate that story with the F.B. next time we see him.


Hey! I have a 1991 Tiger-Cats trading card set, with Beckman. (He always wore a suit and tie on the sidelines).

Ah, yes. The Beckman card. Lined the bottom of my birdcage for awhile.

FB stands for Fat Bastage. It's term of endearment from Grey Cup 02.

and of course, the little known micheal keaton flick... Johnny Dangerously...