Best Find Ever!

Before I left for tour I decided to have a Beach-Themed "See you soon" party.

I went to the local Value Village to get myself a tacky Hawaiian shirt. As I was going down the aisles I came across this gem for $1.

Keep in mind... I was back in my hometown of Windsor.

What's the best accidental find you've ever stumbled across?

There is just something incredible about a Ti-Cats logo sitting in front of a beer.

It's a beautiful thing! :thup:

It the Good logo too not new crap one

What beer? All I see is a budweiser and a cat behind the glass.

Kitty looks thirty.

I think I'll stop in my local Value Village. I could use another tacky Hawaiian shirt and the mug would be a bonus.

Now why would someone give away a classic beauty like that? Sheesh it takes all kinds and I NEVER find stuff like that when I go there. lol

Actually, I've grown to really like the new logo(s). It's a real turn-off when I see someone strolling the streets with a filthy dirty and torn Tiger-Cat parka that's over 25 years old. The old logo looks particularly bad on those old parkas.

Perhaps the Tiger-Cats can start a new program whereby the owners of those old, ugly things can trade them in for a discounted new one ......similar to car dealerships offering an incentive to scrap your junker :wink:

(the beer mug does look cool though as a collector's item)

If they pay for tickets and actually go to the games they can wear anything they want .

:D :D great find Rusty, :thup:

I've had this mug for well over a year now... been meaning to post my find for some time now.

I was totally shocked when I saw it. Just S's and Giggles I went down the aisle with all the glasswear and stuff. The first thing I saw was an ugly BC Lions beer glass. Right behind it was the Ticats Beer Mug. Who in their right mind would part with a Ticats mug? The fact that it was in Windsor was even better.

ps - I am not usualy a Bud drinker but stupid promotions always suck me in - lol. Right now the Bud labels have NHL logos on them.

And the Cat... that's my very first Cat ever! (I used to hate them until I had a few that lived in our camp overseas). Her name is Lucy-Furr and she's my Tiger-Cats! hahaha

I thought I noticed the edge of a Calgary Flames logo, but thought "why would it be on a Budweiser bottle?"

Awesome find with the beer mug though.