Best/Favourite Victory

There’s been a number of memorable victories this year.
Which one did you enjoy best and why??

For me it was Labour Day.

While I was optimistic about Evans at first, the first half of the Labour Day game had me doubting our chances of contending with our backup QB down the stretch.

Dane Evans not only had a very memorable second half on the biggest weekend of the regular season, He gave a lot of people a reason to believe that maybe this could be our year.
And he has done nothing but reinforce that belief every game since

Argo beatdown. No explaination needed. ;D

The comeback 35-34 Victory against BC at home this year was the most exciting. Our row was going bonkers!
The Argo beat down in June was the most fun to watch at home. My kids usually run around our basement with a Ticat flag after every touchdown. They were exhausted by the end.


I’m going with the first win against the Peg at home. Soli goes down but they fought hard and the crowd was intense.

YUP, close down the poll. You are correct.

It was a little cloudy for the Argos on Ricky Ray day.

Funny, was thinking of a starting a similar thread…adding in favourite play of the year and favourite quarter.

Favourite game- the beat down of the Bombers in Winnipeg; we were expected to lose by Media and Bomber fans; even though we had a much better record; …“but the Bombers never lose at home” - they did this night.
(Blowing out Argos or Als when they are crappy is one thing…blowing out a solid Bomber team on their field with a full stadium of cocky fans is priceless)

Favourite quarter- First quarter in Edmonton, again an away game- three crazy TDs in 3 drives to start the game…ouch!
(Another Ricky Ray night spoiled…like he spoiled many of ours)

Favorite play- there are many of them…but Speedy taking a 3 yard pass and taking a tour of Investors field on a 2nd and 19; gaining 39 yards - it was over for the Bombers after that.

We were the beneficiaries of back up Qbs on both games cited above…but we had a back up qb of our own)

How about, all of the above!