Best fans in the West...

What team do you think has the best fans in the West?

1 - Edmonton (are usually tops in attendance. After 3 games = 111613)
2 - Calgary (usually second highest in attendance. After 2 games = 58802)
3 - Winnipeg (fans show mediocore support. After 3 gmaes 73336)
4 - Regina (claim to be the best fans but have low attendance. After 3 games - 72259)

The Roughriders do have the best fans, its just that few of them live in Saskatchewan. Any other team that had that kind of success would have folded by now for lack of support.

COME ON!!! How many times do we have to point out that Regina (and Saskatchewan) has the smallest population of all the other western cities…so of course we can’t compete with the attendance in the other centers. This “low attendance” crap is so old.

........yeah, I'm not sure what the point of this post was except for EE to incite riot and generally stir the sh*tpot........his neighbour supertoe would probably be the first to cuff him upside the head if he catches wind of this..........

.........I for one don't subscribe to the notion that 'best attendance' equates to 'best fan'........ me the best fan award goes to:

.......a 73 year old granny in Saskatchewan who has been one of the rider faithful for more years than I've been alive and yet has only a couple fo Grey Cups to show for it.......

.......a 40 year old single guy from New Westminster who has cheered for his Lions even in the days when practically no one else did.........

........a 10 year old kid who is learning from his father what it means to be proud of his Eskimos, even when every other fan in the league is telling him not to..........

.........a 34 year old short haul trucker who still proudly wears his McManus jersey to Ivor Wynne when others around him are yelling at the real one to get outta the game........

........a 40 and 42 year old husband and wife who continued to buy season tickets to the Stampeders even when it was clear the owner was driving the franchise into the ground..........

........a 24 year old guy from Kanata who bought his first seasons tickets in his life because he knows it's important to support the team even when you're not sure what that team is going to consist of........

..........and the multitude of others that have similar stories to share........these are the best fans in the CFL.......

–Funn how the Lions arent even on the list. Not that I’m complaining, I think we all know where they’d end up on there anyways. Football is growing here(Vancouver), but its definitely not even close to how popular it is in the rest of the West(kinda sad then that they have the West’s best team, dont you think?)

Well said RedandWhite, I don't think you should judge fans on their attendance numbers but more so their loyalty to the team. The CFL is so great because we got some of the best fans in the world when it comes to the game of football.

Per capita, and size of stadium seating, come on now no question. Oh wait, what team does not have a private owner ? exactly the fans own the team. Think about it.

And rightly so RedandWhite. EE, since when is population and attendance have anything to do with being the so-called "best fans"?

Here's my take. There are great fans in every city. The leagues popularity, exposure and attendance seem to be on the rise. After so many years of question marks and failed teams there is truly light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't a friggin freight train.

Problem is all the young bucks in here want to get their jollies by pickin fights and insulting the other teams over stupid crap like who has the best fans or the best uniforms or coaches or cheerleaders or mascot or owner! If even half of those posters spent half as much time learning (that's right, I said learning) the game and writing about football topics I wouldn't have to wade through the crap to find it.

EE, class isn't just a word or an idea. It's a reflection of a persons attitude. Your post, while seemingly harmless, is a continuation of a really tired theme that we are seeing on here . If you want to post yourself as "EE" why not try to exemplify the attitude of the orginization as well. I will look forward to that in your future posts my friend,


Good posts by both Supertoe and Redand White.

yes there are some great fans, many good fans, multiple poor fans and then there is the group i do not appreciate. the ones that pay just enough attention so that they can continuously put down this league or complain and whine about their or other teams. their only interest in our game is as a target. they really annoy me. give me a fan completely ignorant of the game before any of those guys. godfrey you know who they are.

--What about me?? Where's the love for stampers at?!? :cry:

Just wanted to point out how much support the Eskies get from the community. I sense a lot of hostility and envy in here.

Come on Rider fans!! Go out and support your team when they play at home!!!!

well... not that the number of fans = best fans... Montreal can only hold 20,202 a game... so they have the worst fans cuz they have the lowest #'s??... or would Mtl. have the best fans because they sell out every home game?? doesn't work... nor matter.

the lions have pretty good attendance so far compared to what they used to be... and also compared to the rest of the west as well... after 3 home games they have had 80,476... thats middle of the pack assuming Calgary at their next game gets 22,000 +... which i'm sure they will... so to say it's "not even close" against the other west teams... is incorrect.

Had to amend the list and add BC. Opps. Looks like that bumped the Riders down a spot to 5th.

1 - Edmonton (are usually tops in attendance. After 3 games = 111613)
2 - Calgary (usually second highest in attendance. After 2 games = 58802)
3 - BC (3 Games = 78765)
4 - Winnipeg (fans show mediocore support. After 3 gmaes 73336)
5 - Regina (claim to be the best fans but have low attendance. After 3 games - 72259)

i get 80,476 for the Lions for their 3 games...

Couldn't have said it better myself. Riders will a good number of people cheering them on in any stadium...

You know, all things considered, it's really hard to pick any one team that has the "best" fans, especially in the west. Despite the rough patches for most teams (been a while for Edmonton!), they are all still in business and doing reasonably well. Any team that is loved enough to stay in business is doing well at attracting fans. And as has been stated by others, every team has their story of die-hard fans, idiot fans and band-wagon jumpers.

As far as the actual numbers go, there are any number of factors - weather, city/stadium size, history (Edmonton's solid run of playoff appearances definitely helps!), team's record, etc. Plus, attendance doesn't necessarily show how many were cheering for the opposing team (how many in Calgary this week will be cheering for Sask?).

In my opinion, it takes up too much energy to fight over the best fans when it's such a subjective issue. I'll cheer for the Riders, and you can go ahead and cheer for the Eskies. I bet neither of us will ever change, and that's the way it should be.

By the way, EE, I noticed that of all places you could have posted this, you chose the Riders fan site (along with a good dig at us!), then you make the comment that there's a lot of hostility and envy in here. Hmmm...sounds like someone is trying to jerk some chains....

:D But I will gladly grant that Edmonton, like the Riders, has some truly great fans. Keep cheering hard!

Calgary's game this week will sell out ... so no worries about breaking 22,000; we'll probably break 35,000!

Oh, and I forgot, good post by Stampers7!

The lovefest for Stamps is in the Stampeders forum. Try there.