Best Fans in the CFL

Now that the Ticats have started to try to improve the onfield show we, as fans, should try to give them our support at the Labour Day Classic. There is nothing better than IWS at full howl. Obviously the team wont be a different team and we know they are not the strongest team at this point but the cheering could only help.

Lets show them what true fans are

To sit through this year and still come out and support the TiCats. Hamilton has the best fans. With out a doubt!

Hey Robert, will always be a TiCat fan , but it's hard to cheer when there's been absolutely nothing to cheer about except for the cheerleaders and the Mac pep squad.

I'll be in my seat at IWS now and for years to come!! Oskee Wee Wee!!!

You know maybe it's time to revamp the the slogan from the 90's (I think it was the 90's) "Restore The Roar" It was one of the reasons I love the cats and thier fans. (I gave up my bills tickets and never got them again)
EAT 'EM RAW on Labor Day ( I STILL BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!! )

A new chapter is emerging, Bob is finding out that you hire a GM that gets a head coach and this person hires his assistants. The experiment is over.
Lets fill the stadium for every game!! chapter and we're still 2-9.
Oh well, I guess it's "another rebuilding year"! :roll:
It's 3rd and goal with a long way to go for most seasons ticket holders according to most thread comments.