Best fans in CFL?

Here is my rankings for the best fans in the CFL.

  1. Of course Rider fans. They usually even outholler home team fans at Rider road games!!Riders are no doubt Canada's team.
  2. Ti-Cat fans. Support their ti-cats through thick and thin. Make Argo fans look laughable!
  3. Bomber fans- although misguided at times they are loyal too but eat too many perogies and think Troy Westwood is sexy??
  4. Montreal fans- since the move to McGill Stadium the game has been brought back to the people. Les Alouettes sont la!!
  5. Stampeder fans- Cowtown is back supporting the Stamps
  6. Eskimo fans- strange green and gold creatures who drink too much oil and most have played football too long without their helmets!!! Quite a deranged bunch!
  7. Lions fans- a huge city and lousy support. Too much laid back attitude. Most Vancouverites would rather go insect hunting in Stanley Park!! Good team lousy fans.
  8. Argo fans- Biggest city in Canada and terrible support. Shameful. Move the franchise to the Maritimes or Quebec and fans would come out in droves.

Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eskimos 6th?

And Westwood is fugly, and whoever thinks he is sexy should be burned...

oh and perogies are damn good

Westwood should replace Red Green and start a sequel as a banjo kicking bomber!

I agree with the Argos being last. I know this doesnt mean how good fans you are but look at the posts on these forums for each team, the Argos are last.

Torontonians are misguided american wannabees somehow concluding that being boring americans is more fun than being WILD AND CRAZY CANUCKS! NFL game is snoozetown mostly while the CFL ROCKS! move the franchise to Kingston and let out the inmates to spice up the games.!!

Are the Rider fans the best in the league. I seem to remember this discussion going last year.

Consider that the number of faithful Rider fans who show up anywhere between 20,000 to 25,000 strong on average. (not taking into account the Labour day classic) Also consider the fact that the Riders have not been to the Grey Cup game since 1997 and not won the Grey Cup since 1989 and have not had a home playoff game since 1988. And the dismal showing the Riders had through the late 70's and early 80's. With a record like this even the CFL fans who dispise the Riders I would think would have to at least consider that the Riders have some pretty loyal fans.

Are they the best fans in the CFL? I dont know. Being a person who has never had much of an opportuity to travel very much and has never seen a CFL game in any other stadium other than Taylor field I am not qualified to answer that question other than looking at attendance and population numbers.

One thing I can tell you is that Regina has hosted the Grey cup game twice in the history of the CFL, once in 1995 (I think it was Baltomre vs Calgary) and again in 2003 (Montreal vs Edmonton) In both years the city of Regina was absolutely crazy with Grey Cup fever. I remember reading an article written by an Edmonton journalist after the grey Cup in 2003 who was so impressed by the festivities and events that went on all week in Regina and the buildup to Grey Cup week in 2003 that this journalist thought that Regina would be a good candidate for the 100th Grey Cup. Note that I said a good candidate for the 100th Grey Cup game, not that Regina should get the 100th Grey cup game automatically.

Do the Riders have the best fans in the league? I dont know. There are so many ways that this could be measeured and the discussion last year proved this. I would like to see the Riders kicking butt all over the league but we always seem to get a team which finishes around .500 and sometimes it pisses me off. But I am a Riders fan none the less.

TiCat fans are the best of course!

Toronto will look like they have great fans if they move into the new soccer/football facility going up at Exhibition Place, just like the Als fans look fantastic in their packed stadium, even if it is 20,000. 20,000 in a 20,000 seater looks better for me watching on TV at least than 40,000 in a 60,000 seater like Commonwealth. Just the way I see it from my perspective.

Rider fans can't be the best. Sure they're loud and they show up but they hate there team mid way through the season. I give them 2 months before they turn on Kerry Joseph when they realize he's not the saviour they all thought he would be.

Remeber Nealon? went from greatest QB, to get the hell out of our town.

I'm suprised Edmonton is ranked so low. I'm also suprised Calgary is ranked so low when the stadium continued to sellout during there 4 year slump.

I dont think you can truly rate which fans are the best. Every fan will have their own biases, depeding on which team they support. I will say that there are some good Argo fans that post here. Argotom comes to mind, as well as HT, and drummer god(assuming he is an argo fan) are good Argo and CFL fans, and those who do attend the games at the Skydome(Rogers Centre for you political correctness devotees), need to tell the rest of Toronto what a great game the CFL brand of football is and try to grow the fan base there.

Not surprise Ticats,Bomber and Rider fans are 1,2 and 3 in the ranking of fans there in the CFL

Rated without prejudice?

Insect hunting at Stanley Park…Turkey…I’m Hurt! :cry: Get your story straight. We’re probably out Tree Hugging on the Sea To Sky Highway. :roll: If you’re going to take a shot out here on the Wet Coast, get your story straight! Geez maybe saving a spotted owl or the Pacific Earth worm, but not insect hunting Sheesh!

I love these Rider super fan posts...

Our team s_ucks. But at least we have the best fans! That at least makes us #1 at something!

Well Edmonton's record is the same as ours buddy 0-1!

just one got beat down more then the other...

makes no diff, both are still 0-1... a loss is a loss if its by 10 or 17....

oh i know, it just shows which teams are ready to make the next step and win faster.

eskimo fans are tops calagry didnt even sell out that kindgarten stadium in calgary at the west semis. so there not even in our league