Best Ever Ticat Receiving Corps was...

DisplacedCatsFan (on another thread) mentioned the '89 Cats and that got me thinking of their receiving corps of Winfield (injured part of the year), Champion, DiPietro, Estelle & Knight or McAdoo. Pretty good bunch, don'tcha think? But certainly not our best ever.

What's your pick for the all-time best group for a year. Why?

Tolliver, Fantuz, Tasker, Owens, Gable was pretty good in 2015...

Yep I like this group. Speed/hands/ moves rhey had it all. Too bad ZC wasn’t there all year but thatz another thread!

Well, Owens wasn't there at all that year, but Sinkfield and Grant were.

I'm assuming DCF meant to say 2016. All four of those receivers (not RB Gable)would have gone over 1,000 yards if not for injuries to Tasker and Owens.

Why not the best ever? Hard to find a more stellar top three. Champion was dominant that year (and only that year) and was Eastern MOP nominee. Winfield was always dangerous at that point in his career and was the '88 nominee. Rocky was a two-time most outstanding Canadian and all-time receptions leader at that point (I think). Take it back one season and you could also throw in Steve Stapler.

I suspect the old-timers will mutter something about the 1960s, with Hal Patterson, Garney Henley, Tommy Grant. They need to be selective in choosing the year though, because Henley didn't always play receiver.

1967 TiCats : Ted Watkins, Dave Viti, Hal Patterson, Tommy Grant, Garney Henley

67 Grey Cup was Watkin's last game, sadly. :frowning: :frowning:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Well I guess I qualify as an old timer. I'm kind of with the two Pats, Ex and Lynch.

I really liked that 89 group, but yes I would dial it back a year to add Steve Stapler. As for 67, a great group for sure but id make a few changes there. Garney was only spotted on offence then. However, don't forget Tommy Joe Coffey was a super part of that team. And Dave Viti played more defence than offence, but Dave Fleming was an early version of a slotback, who caught passes about as often as he ran the ball.

Banks, Tasker, Sanders all went for over 1,000 yards last season after a dreadful start. I think we might be saying this years receivers are our best ever adding 6'5" Toliver to this mix.

I really DO like the '89 group but Winfield's injury that year slowed it down. I think (along with SteveH) the '88 group (Winfield, DiPietro, Stapler, Chapdelaine, Champion and Knight/Tommy) was better and had more pure talent but Kerrigan had an off year.

If the weak link in your receiving corps is Hall-of-Famer Earl Winfield, you're doing OK.

It's your thread, so you can define the question as you like. I took it to mean "best group of receivers", while others are talking about "best single season by a group of receivers".

If it's the latter, then you might just have to answer with whatever season was the team's highest-ever for total passing yards. Not sure what year that was, but it might well be Burris' record-setting 2012 season. In which case, our "best-ever receivers" would be Chris Williams, Fantuz, Stala, Giguere, Grant, and of course Onrea Jones. I, for one, am not convinced.

Henley was only an occasional receiver that year but this group contains the team that I fell in love with. HOW could you forget the leading receiver... my man Tommy Joe?!

[tr][td]Player [/td]
[tr][td]Tommy Coffey[/td]
[td] 45 [/td]
[tr][td]Willie Bethea[/td]
[td] 42 [/td]
[tr][td]Ted Watkins[/td]
[td] 56 [/td]
[tr][td]Dave Fleming[/td]
[td] 44 [/td]
[tr][td]Tommy Grant[/td]
[td] 49 [/td]
[tr][td]Garney Henley [/td]
[td] 92 [/td]
[tr][td]Gord Christian[/td]
[td] 41 [/td]
[tr][td]Dick Cohee[/td]
[td] 22 [/td]
[tr][td]Clem Turner[/td]
[td] 6.0[/td]
[td] 7 [/td]
[tr][td]Hal Patterson[/td]
[td] 31 [/td]
[tr][td]Dick Gibbs[/td]
[td] 22 [/td]
[tr][td]Ed Turek[/td]
[td] 20 [/td]
[td] 92 [/td]

(Bethea was also top rusher with 737 yards AND the closest thing we had to a back-up QB as he threw 2 passes for 58 yards with a 100% completion rate. :smiley: )

And does anybody out there remember Clem Turner????

ahh, Winfield, my second all time favorite receiver in the league. Champion and Stabler, excellent. DiPietro a very good 4th. I enjoyed cheering for the ticats the most when they played.

Hal Patterson caught only one pass? Was he injured that year? One of the most memorable days in my football fan life was the day Prince Hal was traded to Hamilton. My regret was that he didn't keep his number 75.

A bit past his prime, but still an electrifying receiver when he cut across the field and stretched out for the pass reception. Only one reception??

I don't know the reason for the lone pass. I was a kid of 13 and that was a loooong time ago. Anybody else know?

Hal Patterson was injured in 1967 and only played a couple of games that season. The same with running back Clem Turner, who only played in a couple of games.

Prince Hal suffered a ruptured spleen near the end of his career . Like Bobbie Kuntz, Hal retired but came back to the Cats at or near playoff time . Patterson was probably the greatest athlete that ever played in the CFL . His most productive years were in Montreal where he played both ways. Coincidently, Bobbie Kuntz played 2 ways with the Argos but came to Hamilton to win Grey Cups .

Those were the days my friend ! We thought they'd never end .

Pat Lynch (the old plagiarizing guy)

Pat, they'll never end, as long as our memories are still working, even at half speed. Yours is excellent.

The most interesting stat for me is Henley. Over 200 yards - on only five catches. (Hard to believe he only had five catches all year.) Pretty impressive average, if correct. But because he was so amazing on defence, they couldn't use him on offence as often as they would have liked.

Very true. Through his first ten years in the league he was a DB, and was spotted on offence only occasionally as a deep threat. And the thing is, even when he was sent in on offence, and the opposing team knew he was such a threat and defended accordingly, the Ticats would throw the ball long to him and he'd catch it anyway. That GC video posted recently has an example of that in the 67 game. It was Jerry Williams who switched Henley to full-time offence when he came to Hamilton in 72. He said he recalled when he coached in Calgary how Henley would break up games when he'd come in on offence, so he wanted to take full advantage of that. Result? Henley won MOP and we won the Grey Cup that year.