Best ever lead footed pocket passers

Who would you name top 5. I have trouble even naming 5

in no particular order

Ralph Brock (yuck)

who else??

Certainly not at the top, but somewhere on that list:

Jerry Tagge!

best QB ever to bounce around the nfl

Sean Salisbury

you have Brock Ralph's name backwards..

David Archer
Ron Lancaster

Brock Ralph the reciever?
Legend has it Dieter Brock could throw the ball through the uprights from center field from his knees.
Somethin' like that.

ah there we go, it is Dieter Brock, not Ralph Brock...

I don't remember Ron Lancaster as being lead footed. :?

McManus has to rank up there and in the NFL probably Marino.

Ralph is his real name:

Tom Clements, at the end of his career.

Tom Wilkinson, they don't come any more lead footed.

Yup, Tom Wilkinson along with Ralph Deiter Brock.

With all due respect to the little General,wasn't he a play action QB?

Pretty sure the Huffer would be pis sed if we left him off the list.

Sonny Wade couldn't outpace a tricycle
But he was one of the best quarterbacks you'd ever want when the chips were down
Great post-season performer

Pretty good punter to boot

when danny brannigan played U ball, he was nicknamed bannigan the mannequin

Jack Jacobs: 98 carries for minus 343 yards - 5 seasons

Frank Tripucks: 162 carries for minus 656 yards - 8 seasons

Back then sacks were included in the rushing totals - if you take out the sacks it doesn't leave allot of rushing attempts. Tripucka's numbers for his final two CFL seasons ('59 & '63) are 10 carries for minus 8 yards - sacks were not included.