Best ever CFL quarter backs

Even though Calvillo set the all time passing record I would take some other CFL quarter backs in their prime over him. If Warren Moon had spent his whole career in the passing CFL I believe he would still hold the passing record. Calvillo is a very good quarter back but not good enough to make the NFL. Here is my top 5 cfl quarterbacks.

1)Warren Moon
2)Doug Flutie
3)Damen Allen
5)Tracy Ham

damon allen doesnt even belong in top 20

I don't know about best ever, but I'd like to see Dave Dickenson on the list. All those years that the Lions couldn't protect him and he'd STILL kill ya. As a Rider fan I can only imagine what he could have done if he'd played behind Makowsky, O'Day and Childress et al. I was never afraid of Printers against the Riders defense, but as soon as DD stepped on the field I shook in my boots, I knew it was trouble.

And I think Jeff Garcia needs to be mentioned.

Calvillo and Flutie rank in the top 2 IMO
And Dave Dickenson could have easily been the best all time although injuries shortened his career.

Other mentionables in no particular order:

Warren moon
Ron Lancaster
Russ Jackson
Tom Clements
Sam Etcheverrey
Dieter Brock

Joe Kapp could've been an all time great yet pursued an NFL career.

  1. Flutie
  2. Moon
  3. Jackson
  4. Calvillo
  5. Lancaster

Parker and Etcheverry may very well rate in the top five, but I never saw either guy play. Until Flutie came along, Parker was often described as the greatest player in CFL history, but it was based on more than just his quarterbacking.

and then there is Dunigan who is in my top 5

Jackie Parker
Steve Austin

P.S. Damon best yr is number 37 for most yards in a single season.

I will only go with players I watched play, since it would be unfair of me to try to rank players I am not old enough to have seen play.

That said, my list begins and ends with Doug Flutie. There have been a lot of great QBs that I have seen play -- Warren Moon, Matt Dunigan, Danny McManus, Damon Allen, Dave Dickenson and Anthony Calvillo -- but no one did it better than Doug Flutie.

There were a lot of great QBs that I am too young to have seen play -- Ron Lancaster, Russ Jackson, Jackie Parker, etc. -- so I will defer to the older fans for stories on them. But I never saw anyone play the game like Doug Flutie. He was truly a treat to watch.

Of course Tom Clements. Absolutely surgical.

And of course Matt Dunigan, complete opposite. Built and played like a tank. A gunslinger.


You mean Kent, the $150,000, 'I'll retire back to my small business in Tennesse' man?

top of the ladder has to be Doug Flutie that guy was the Gretzky of the CFL

what, dont you think steve austin would have been the best ever if he played football in cfl???

oops, I lied, he made it in at number 26.

I would definitely have Dave Dickenson somewhere near my top-5 or top-10. AC is 3rd behind Flutie and Moon for me.

Damon Allen is definitely not top-10 in my books. Maybe near the end of the top-20…

Lancaster threw way too many interceptions (396) to be included on my list. He holds the CFL record for interceptions by a wide margin. Not even Allen came close to Lanc's 18-record...after 22 years.

And how come nobody ever mentions Russ Jackson's CFL record 9.7 passing average? That record has stood for 42 years.

There is no question for people who were araound to see him play. Jackie Parker was the best player in CFL history. Many say he was the best quarterback on either side of the border. He came to play in Canada because the CFL paid more in those days.

I was priviledged to see him play in his prime, no one was or is better.


The SMD man > stone cold :rockin:

what, dont you think steve austin would have been the best ever if he played football in cfl???
Are bionics allowed in this league? :)

Burgess? If Burgess is on your list, surely Congemi must not be far outside the top 10?

I havn't been around the league much to judge older quarterbacks, Calvillo may be the passing leader, and a great team leader and nice guy. But the thing I always come down too is that players like Damon Allen, Doug Flutie, Matt Dunnigan, went to different teams and made them better. Same can't be said for Calvillo, who really has really only has sucuess with one team.