Best era in B.C. Lions football...

Blondes have their momemts,.....and mostly ,I enjoy them....

Actually, no one comes close to matching Montreal's winning percentage over the past decade.

I just checked past standings, and since coming back in the league in 1996, Montreal has not had a losing season, going 130-67 in that time. Amazing.

Ya Montreal's been an amazing regular season team, can't argue with that. However, check out who the Lions beat in the 2000 and 2006 Grey Cups.

Only posters talking the injury card on this thread are rider fans , yet BC fans get slagged for it. :roll:

Hey you guys are forgetting about the 80s.
The BC lions were a great team then.
They won the cup in 85 and almost won it in 88.
The 80s had the lions as one of the top teams in that decade.
The Bombers and the Eskimos were great too.
And yes Toronto,Hamilton and Saskatchewan squeezed in a grey up in the 80s as well.
The reason why I love the 80s so much was because Winnipeg had a excellent run against everyone year after year winning 3 grey cups. Ok one was 1990 but still,lol