Best era in B.C. Lions football...

I don't mean to insult B. C. fans here, but since B.C. doesn't exactly have the most Grey Cup wins, is it fair to call the last 10 or 15 years collectively (going back to 1994, I suppose) as the most successful era in the history of B.C. football?
I mean, they have three Grey Cup wins since 1994.

Is it fair to call the last little while as the most successful stretch in the team's history? I know Hamilton's most successful time was in the late 50s, to 60s, and Edmonton's (amid the 34 years we've heard so much about) was primarily in the 1970s and and 1980s. On a slightly less dominant level, can one make a similar statement about B.C.'s play?

Yes, I suppose.

Yes, you could make that claim. We've played in 4 of the last 12 Grey Cups, winning 3 of them.

Amazing what an unlimited budget and complete disregard for the salary cap can do for a team's success. :slight_smile:

Lions best years were when the Pez owned the team and Doug Flutie was qb.

they lost to the bombers in the grey cup, but what a team they had.
The 1985 lions won the grey cup and that was also a great year.

You must be referring to the Riders , right ?

This decade, BC is the most successful team in winning percentage. As a manager, Buono is known to be cheap. No proof of excessive overspending except in the imagination of jealous non-BC fans. The best years have been with coaches Buono and Matthews.

the best years are still to come

Uh, No!

The worst years were the late 60's and 70's. Oh the QB's we had then! :cry: :cry:

Paul Brothers
Don Morrhead
Eric Guthrie

Although the late 90's under Pezzim were probably the shortest but most embarassing years.

I agree its been the last 15 yrs or so have been the best era for Lions' football. It could have been better if not for all those injuries eh, RLR?... :wink: :twisted: :lol: :lol:

What injuries? :lol: :lol: :lol:

...of course that guy is right sport...the Pez was great for the lions...and Paul Brothers was 'the man'.... :lol: :lol: ...but what was the players real name in that era ,who was known as the 'Italian Stallion' you'd remember... :roll:

No doubt it has been the injuries preventing the Leos from being undefeated 4 years straight and going for the 4-peat....

But a case can be made that the early 60s and mid 80s were the glory years for the Leos.
The 64 and 84 Grey Cup teams are tied for the best winning % in the teams history, and the 4 year streak in the 80s was, in terms of winning % the best 4 years in the clubs history (better than the current regime).
The temptation to count the last 15 years is there because of the 3 Cup wins.
But the first two in that era were big upsets by mediocre teams (both 3rd place, and one was only 8-10). And the first one is just as closely tied to the era of the 80s as the most recent era.
If the Leos can repeat this year, then they might get the nod as the best Leo team/era in club history.
Otherwise, my vote will go to the 84 team...

JOhnny Musso was the Italian Stalion I believe.

[quote="AriusNo doubt it has been the injuries preventing the Leos from being undefeated 4 years straight and going for the 4-peat....
I doubt that alot. Everyone gets injuries every year and it is not possible to use that as an excuse.

What would have happened if Glenn had not missed any time last year in Winnipeg?
What would have happened if the Rider QB's had not been injured so much in years past or if Dominguez had not missed the entire 2005 year.

Those are just a couple of examples. Injuries are not valid excuses unless only one team gets them.

Good memory Turkey, I’m impressed! :thup: :thup: :thup:


You need to get up to speed and then you would realize my comment was dripping with sarcasm and was targetting a few Lions fans who may actually believe what I said is true....

Sorry Arius, it was a blonde moment. My booboo.