Best Endzone celibration this year

i know that the popcorn one in the east final today has to be up there along with the "bike" on in calgary.

what do you think

I hated the bike…loved the popcorn…

Ill ask again
Why was that not taunting?


A player shall be penalized for any act of objectionable conduct, including but not limited to:

  1. verbal abuse or objectionable gesture directed at an opponent, official or spectator, or
  2. throwing the ball at an opponent, official or occupant of the team bench area, or
  3. interfering with the placement of the official's flag marking the spot for a penalty.
    4. baiting or taunting an opponent by act or word.
  4. removing the helmet while on the field and throwing it to the ground, or using it in an intimidating manner against an opponent, official, or spectator.

Taunting generally means you are mocking, insulting, or acting in an otherwise contemptuous manner - since Soward was celebrating more than anything (as most are with their ridiculous endzone capers), he wouldn't have been guilty of taunting.

i am pretty sure that taunting is only when they guy how scored the touchdown gets in the guys face that he just burned and starts screaming at him

and jm02 what was wrong with the bike? i loved it

.....I generally don't like the showboating stuff.....just think the bike was too "over the top" for my tastes.....

What happen with the bike/

Sounds like taunting to me

copeland scored a touchdown and than lewis and someone else got on the ground one was the seat and the pedals and the other was like the front of the bike and copeland got on and pretended to ride a bike

i’d just as soon they spke the ball or hand it to the ref, but as long as it’s not an orchestrated dance… I thought Soward’s celebration was fine… witty and inspired. Along the lines of Stokes and the magzine last year (re, use of props)
Was it a couple weeks ago when Lewis scored for Cgy, then Copeland did the old handcuff and perp walk thing? anyone see that?

JM02 going to get you mad but your team had nothing to show boat about! ha ha ha I do not know but I think it is called entertainment! I guess some do not like and others do!

If you think that will make me mad, guess again. I don't like the showboating regardless of who does it (well, usually anyway), and I agree with you 100% - we had nothing to get over the top about this year at all.....

I have said it before
The league show do away with the enzone dances and showboating

Endzone celebrations are for players who lack attention, and want to get noticed. Personally, I think its hows a lack of class and respect.

The best endzone celebrations this year have been everyone of the eskimos celebations(except for one by Gaylor) where they either hug their teammates or just go back to the bench with class. All those staged acts are for losers who need to build thems selves up to have confidence.
When gaylor did his one little dance he got a talking to from ed hervey who said "look over at Jason Tucker when you do the things he has done maybe it will be ok to act like a jack%#@ until then watch him and learn"



AGREE ...Ive mentioned the Esks recievers are a class act on another post.. Showboating has always been a major Pet peeve with me...

GO ALS !!!! :slight_smile:

I thought that the popcorn thing was funny, but a bit much, Argos should have been penalise for that.

Using of props in endzone celebrations is supposed to get you an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty. I guess the refs were afraid to influence the result of a plyoff game with something arbitrary. But That was a turning point. The Als started playing right just after that celebration.

Soward is a no-brainer for doing such a thing with 50 minutes to go.

Defiantly gets the CFL's "THAT'S TOPS" award. I know that you guys have no idea what "THAT'S TOPS" is, but trust me on this one.