Best defensive backfield in the CFL

Whos the best?

So far its been the als'.

who picked edmonton?

... :lol: I did it as an obvious joke :lol:

Can't beat Marsh, Glover, Washington, Banks, Miles.

You missed Hamilton! :wink:

Ooops, if you think theyre the best just say it.


See, like that.

reggin durden is he best in the cfl :wink:

Winnipeg has the best D in the CFL, need an example, Canada Day 2006, nuff said.

Another poll where the outcome is biased on which team is you favourite. Take a look at which team is the toughest to pass against , and IMO, I believe that the Argo secondary is the best in the league.

[quote=“sambo42”]Another poll where the outcome is biased on which team is you favourite.

Well said . How about we have a poll on what’s your favourite color? :roll:

I'll take that back, the eskimos certainly aren't the absolute worst defensive secondary in the CFL. They just had to get things together, and needed a veteran presence(Montford). Holding BC's "unstoppable passing offence" to less than 250 yards, and only 1 passing TD, is a pretty big accomplishment. But... I'm not saying they're the best either.

I don't think Winnipeg should be getting many votes here yet......The DB's are still giving up some plays, but they look like they have alot of potential.....
Now if it was the line you were talking about, that belongs to Winnipeg easily....I mean averaging 38 yards rushing against after 3 games!!

Are all Eskimos fans st*pid or are they just misrepresented by these idiots?

No team has really stood out at the DB position this year. That said the Als have definitaly done the best so far and that's coming from a Bomber fan.

I voted Toronto.. but I'm really not very sure about it.. nobody has really stood out in this aspect of the game so far this year. Overall D I would probably say the Peg.. but just DB's? Tough to say.

It's too early in the season to get a definite answer IMO. I'll wait a few more games before deciding.

Well I thought Saskatchewan but after their poor performance tonight and in week 1, I changed it too Toronto.