Best Defensive Alouette so far...

Okay, I know our defence hasn’t be really consistant this year so far. But some players never stopped doing their job. I think the above five would be our top 5 so far.

As of now, who would you choose as the top defensive Alouette in 2005?

I'll go with Karikari on this one....5 interceptions ...

But i'm not denying what all the others did so far...

Butler - 4 fumble recovery

Malveaux & Curry - 3 interceptions...

A.Stewart & E.Philion - 7 QB sacks each...

I'll go with Philion. Game after game he showed up and work hard. He dont have the big numbers, but he is THE fighter of the defense.

I can't believe Tim Strickland isn't on that list. He doesn't get the glory, but he's the captain of the defence, and a helluva of hard worker. Very versatile too. As a converted DB, he can go toe to toe with receivers in coverage. Or he can stop the run. Or come up in short-yardage patterns for the tackle. He's one of the few guys who plays his heart out game in and game out.

My vote goes to Strickland.

This new guy on the d-line Craybrooks I think is his name. seems promising.
Made a few nice plays including a sack and made Roberts look like he was running into a brick wall

disciplineandpunish, Tim Strickland is one of the main reason the Als gave so many points in the first half of the season. He must probably hold a new CFL record for number of missed tackles in one half of a season.

I know he usually is one of the best and a true warrior. But this year, he's been horrid. It's like Kevin Johnson. Usually one of the top, but was a big disappointment this year.

Things seems to be alright now. I sure hope it stays that way for all the remaining games. But Strickland certainly doesn't deserve to be in the top list for the 2005 season.

ro, speaking of new guys, what's your take on Word, Megna's replacement?

How do you like to see the same guy get a penalty every three downs? Offside, unnecessary roughness, facemask, roughing the passer, offside again... etc.

Yesterday, the guy sitting on the seat beside me looked at me after Word got his fifth penalty and said "You see, that's probably why Don Matthews went for the two points convert in BC..." I coulnd't argue.

I know what you mean. Offside I can live with but the roughing and face masking are inexcusable

Third_And_Ten, c'mon, Strickland hasn't played that badly. If we're going to be that strict, Brown nor Butler haven't played consistently well either. And Karikari, though sporting a nice 6 INTs to his name, has struggled in coverage and if you want to talk missed/bad tackles, I think he's the worst offender. The safety simply can't afford to miss tackles as he's often the last line of defence. Every time Karikari has to tackle a receiver in the open field, I get nervous.

And think about the game Strickland had against Ottawa a couple of weeks ago. If any one man was the spark on defence that night, it was him. I'd actually attribute our defensive woes this year more to the collective bad play, and to a secondary that's been a bit of a revolving door.

As for Word, I had the exact same reaction as the two of you. Offside is a timing issue and he's new, so I can understand that. But those other penalties were absurd. I found myself thinking, "We cut Megna for this?" On the bright side, Claybrooke looks like the real deal.

Off Topic mode here....

Well guys, i'm gonna start the Strickland bandwagon leader here...

I met him after the game yesterday & we (my buddy chris & I) Tim Strickland & Reggie Durden went for drinks at Coaster's.

Man, these guys are very friendly and just fun to be around them, especially after a win....

Their mind is set on the Grey Cup and that was the main topic, Strickland will be a free-agent at the end of the year & wants to come back here, since MTL is a 2nd home for him....

IMHO....Popp should not wait & sign him !

I'll post the pictures on GoAl's Go website..

I'll jump on the Tim Strickland bandwagon. With the exception of the first WPG game, when he blew a few coverages and missed a few tackles, he has been the heart and soul of the defence this year. He is the one player that you can always count on being near the ball, and never giving up on a play. In fact, of the three LBs, I would say he has the fewest missed tackles this year. I would easily say he is the mid-season DEF MVP.

After last night's game, I'm officially convinced about Karikari. The guy has 'it'. In the past, the problem I had with him was missed/bad tackles. For a safety, that's scary because there's no one else to help you, and if you miss a tackle, generally the receiver is taking it to the house. But I think he's really improved on that aspect of his game, and last night he was superb. Two INTs tying him for the league lead, and just a stellar job all around. This guy is going to be a major part of our secondary for years to come, and he's Canadian. Good job, Richard.

And is anyone else REALLY impressed with Claybrooke? He dominated the line of scrimmage last night and it's only his second game.

I agree discipline; Karikari was awesome against Calgary (although, let’s face it, we were up against a third string QB). I thought Kevin Johnson played well too…guess he knows his job is on the line.

Claybrooks was impressive, and even Word has picked up his game too. If Word replaces Megna, if I was Stewart I’d be real nervous about Claybrooks! Looked like a complete performance from the D…my only concern being that we were playing a team using its 3rd string QB and they were without Reynolds for the second half.

Stewart isn't worried about Claybrooks. He wants out of Montreal because he doesn't like the way management handle players' relations and he was insulted by the contract extension offered to him. Which he refused to sign by the way.

The Als won't replace Stewart with only 5 games to go. And he'll probably leave through free agency. So Claybrooks will be free to get his job then. Too bad because I realy like Stewart and he helps a lot on offence too.

Speaking of defensive ends, anybody surprised Megna has not popped out anywhere else yet?

Third, I am very surprised Megna remains unemployed. I thought for sure Ottawa was going to pick him up and give him a look see at MLB, a position I think he's well suited for and with the revolving door the Renegades have had at that spot this year, it looked like a good fit. Oh well, expecting the Glieberguys do do something rational was a bit of a stretch.........