best defense in CFL?

In 2007, BC defense dominated in players selected to all stars team. In 2008, BC defense might possibly be the best. BC has allowed the fewest first downs and yards against. Also strengths in creating turnovers and pressuring quarterbacks make BC defense one of the most feared. Some statistics are better measurements than points against because opponents can score points when defenses are off the field. Strong offenses may be masking Montreal and Calgary defenses to appear better by keeping their defenses off the field. On the other hand, Saskatchewan weak offense seems to drag down a strong defense.

you could definately make a case for B.C having the best Defence in the league i'd say they are maybe by far the most TALENTED ....and they have the most sacks and interceptions....but they are fourth in the most important statistic which is allowed points per game.

A big Hell Yaahh to that! :thup:

Best Front four for sure.

Our DB's scare me at times.

I've been meaning to thank you guys. I was totalling up the points for the fantasy league I run, and I had the B.C. defence on my team. You guys got me some serious points. 10 sacks, 2 picks, 3 fumbles.

So, uh, do you guys plan Hamilton again this season? :lol: