Best defences from 2005.

This is sort of a follow up to my o-line/d-line thread for those that are interested in these stats(I know you are redwhite2005, I noticed you posted them at :slight_smile:

first of all the sack differential for each team from 2005
As a +/-:

  1. Cal +20
  2. Sask +19
  3. Winn +10
  4. Edm +9
  5. Mont +6
  6. Ham +6
  7. Tor -12
  8. BC -28
  9. Ott -30
    (from childress at

and onto...
Best rush defence
Average yards rushing against per game(2005)

  1. Edm 79.2
  2. Sask 91.2
  3. BC 93.1
  4. Cal 101.1
  5. Ott 112.8
  6. Ham 114.7
  7. Mtl 118.7
  8. Win 125.8
    9 Tor 127.1

Best pass defence
Average yards passing against per game(2005)

  1. Tor 239.8
  2. Sask 241.5
  3. Edm 253.5
  4. BC 278.4
  5. Ham 283.0
  6. Ott 286.8
  7. Cal 289.3
  8. Mon 301.9
  9. Win 351.9

Well Saskatchewan is second in everything so I think I could safely say as far as stats show they were the best defence in 2005, hopefully they can keep it up for the 2006 season!

I would have to agree with Jeremy here that Sask would have to be considered the best based on the stats provided by esks123.


those stats don't cover much an the plus minus on sacks reduces their use, what dose your O-line have to di wuth your defense

Seeing how I have no life I did some calculating.
The CFL had 25 defensive categories.
Here is how each team finished
The top section is how many 1ST place 2nd place etc finished

For the bottom section I gave 9 points for each first place finish, 8 points for each 2nd place down to 1 point for each 9th place finish. The teams are ranked from first to last
What does everyone think?

Wow, that is impressive work. I guess that based on this, I will say that Edmonton unfortunately is 1st, but followed closely by the Riders.


nice work

I have the same thing for offence if anyone is interested

shot, Ro, and how do you get images like that? google camera or something?

Here are the Offensive results, same drill but 35 catagories instead of 25