Best Defence?

Using the same formula as before, now updated after week 7.
remember: Mont, Tor, SK, and EDM each have only played 6 games

  1. Mont 168
  2. WPG 153
  3. BC 116
  4. Tor 111
  5. SK 111
  6. Edm 97
  7. CGY 81
8) Ham 63

Winnipeg is now leading in 9 of the 25 categories, Montreal 7
Due to the extra game played Winnipeg should take over at least 3 more categories.

So I am wondering....what is the general opinion out there....Who has the better D?

I would say Winnipeg, Mont, BC, Sak, Tor

Its a 2 horse race between winnipeg and montreal..and i guess u could consider saskatchewan the next closest but they havent been consistent enough..hearing from the fans they suck 1 game, then the next their the best in the league

so i voted for the bombers, but id say winnipeg and montreal pretty much top 3 or 4 in every devensive there kinda even right now..we'll see at the end of the year when everyone has played the same amount of games

Ya gotta show the work! :wink:

You forgot Calgary Edmonton and Hamilton.... After all they may be just lulling everyone to sleep!

ya why isnt hamilton on this poll :? :lol:

Ottawa takes this hands down, they haven't given up a single point so far this season!
But they weren't in the poll so I voted for Winnipeg.

Just to add to the argument

To win a football game, you got to score more than your opponent. Montreal has the least points against in the CFL, played a game less then Winnipeg.

Don't matter how many yards you let up, as long as they don't score is what counts on defence.

Montreal has the best defence in the league.


yes winnipeg played one more game then montreal, thus allowing teams more chances to score on them. i think its pretty darn close between the two personaly. i cant decide.

So lets say they are pretty much even. Which team has the better depth? Does Winnipeg have guys like Cox and Boulay sitting on the bench? Doubt it...

Tell Ya What!
Wpg can call themselves the best D

Mtl is in first!

Yeah they only have guys like Kyries Hebert, Cam Legault, Dante Booker, Robert Bean etc as their backups...wait that doesn't help your case at all :lol:

I believe that Winnipeg has a better D but Montreal is close by.

Montreal D of course !

LOL....this post makes no sence! :lol: You really should think before you type!
Through 6 games Montreal has averaged 19.8 points against
Through 7 Games WPG has averaged 18.4 points against

In the end though I just wanted to show how even though Montreal had a good statistical lead the week before, it only takes 1 good game to make up some ground.

Sure the Bombers might have the best D right now, but can they keep playing like this? Pretty hard to hold offences to close to 100 yards (which they have done twice). Also pretty hard to keep up a rushing average of under 50 yards/game.

I've always loved a defensive led team, and I am very proud of the improvements made in this area for the Bombers :thup:

I enjoy looking at the stats but if you're going to use them you have to make sure your pool of data is from an even base. One game can make a huge difference. Montreal is not scoring that many points so their wins have to come from somewhere. Until they loose we have to give them the respect they deserve. We are still a new team and getting better so let's see what will happen in the next round with them.

Ro, that webpage to me means about as much as a page with numbers on it.

Labels, mate, labels, I don't care what language you use, just label the categories.

Labels or not, it's enough evidence to prove that Montreal has the best Defence in the league.