Best Defence

Stats are nice, but the Als trounced the Pegs twice, that is hardly a "tie" for best defenses. :o

Who says they are tied?

Vacation? just what do you do?

and Winnipeg is 3nd in O and 2nd in D, we rock!!!

that's better! :thup:

I'll give you a hit KK

It has something to do with my sig.

I agree with letsgoblue that the single most important statistic is average yards allowed per game. Points average is less reliable because offense and special teams affect points, but yards are measured separately. Why should the defense gets the blame if the offense or special team gives up points?

True but if you have a "bend but not break" defence. You will give big yards but small points!
Toronto was like that last year. Teams would march down field gaining lots of yards but then stall in the red zone!

The best defence is a good offence.

Considering the Bombers have played one more game than Montreal, and are still prety close in most categories, and after this first half against Hamilton, the Bombers D is outperforming Montreals D

Montreal is 1st or 2nd in 19 of 25 catagories Wpg is 1st or 2nd in 7. Not exactly close but they will gain some ground after tonight

Again....WPG has played one more game, lets see those #'s when they have played the same.

agreed but I dont think that Wpg will over take MTL with one more game

The bigger story for the Bombers is that Glen has established himself as a quality starter. We knew the D would be good if the offense could stay on the field.

Total first downs: Mont up by 11
Rushing: Mont up by 7
Passing: Montreal up by 5

These are just the first few examples, and can easily be made up after Montreal plays that game in hand.

The Bombers will be ahead in many more categories soon.

compare the 2 teams against each other

Winnipeg gave Montreal 265+284=549 yards
Montreal gave Winnipeg 236+347=583 yards
Winnipega allowed 8 sacks
Montreal allowed 1 sack
Winnipeg intercepted 1
Montreal intercepted 2

Advantage Montreal due to Sack production
Rest is almost identical

If it makes you sleep better feeling that the bombers have a better D then go right ahead. I only posted the stats based on what the league has compiled

Almost all of those sacks came the first game, which WPG has rectified. Otherwise, yes they are pretty close duribg those 2 games.....It's the other games this year that I am saying that the Bombers D has passed Montreal's D

Now if you factor penalties just going by memory things don’t look that good for Winnipeg.

Having said that Winnipeg is improving every week, especially discipline wise.

great stuff ro and thanks!

After tonights game, pretty hard to argue against the Bombers :thup: