Best Defence

It seems to have come up a few time that team A has the best defence or team b is better than C so I figured it was time to tally it up again!

There are 25 defensive categories in the CFL.
I added up how many 1st 2nd 3rd..... each team has in each category and awarded 8 points for each 1st....7 for each 2nd down to 1 point for each 8th place finish.

This is how everything add ups

Any opinions?

Ro you have way to much time on your hands! :lol:

Its called vacation!

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Even with ro's numbers, it is pretty hard to tell which one is the best defence, because teams have not played the same opponents and defensive squads have not necessarily spent the same time on the field.

For instance, Saskatchewan is ranked 5th in ro's standings, but the Riders offence already turned the ball over 15 times, which obviously makes it harder for the defence to keep the opponents from gaining a lot of first downs, yards, TDs... Some offences make their defence look bad.

well i guess it seems to make sense

Nice work ro! Keep us updated if you want to.

yes,nice work ro1313, glad to see your making good use of your holidays........

Given the crazy sched this year, it’s hard to estimate form. My Als have only played two teams so far this year, so even though I think our D is much improved from last year, I can’t and won’t call it the best until we’ve faced teams not named the Tiger-Cats or the Blue Bombers.

RO, Your figures might be skewed because because some teams have played six games and have given up more on defence. Not sure if you accounted for that fact.

Anyway, have a good vacation.

....wait till you experience the 06 Bomber defence ....although we have only played the Grey Cup contenders of last year ....and ONLY earned a split....i think you will be pleasantly surprised....or unpleasantly as the shoe lol... :thup:

Very nice ro! I agree with Third & Ten, that it may be a little scewed because of the schedule so far. But I think as the year progresses, the stats will become more and more accurate. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

You are right. The figures don't take into account the differences in the amount of games played. They are strictly taken from they stats the league has compiled.

I guess after week 10 they will be more accurate but until then, this will have to do.

Fair enough. Still very informative. Thanks for the work.

I wouldn't put too much stock in this......
There may be 25 defensive categories, but they should not all be weighted the same, some are obviuosly more important than others. The one stat that I think is the most important is the average yards against each game (for rushing & passing). where can I find these #'s?

Im not saying the numbers mean anything. Just points to ponder!
BTW As far as I am concerned the only one that matters is points scored against

.....I am particularily puzzled by my team's defensive slide into obscurity......same players, same coaches, way different results than last year....very bizarre......

Average yards given up per game:

  1. WPG 278
  2. Mon 317
  3. BC 350
  4. CGY 376
    8 ) EDm 408

Average Points given up per game:

  1. Mont 21.2
  2. Tor 21.2
  3. WPG 21.5
  4. CGY 25.5
    8 ) SAsk 29.6

I think most people would agree that the best 2 defences in the league would be Montreal and Winnipeg. A case could be made for Toronto at #3. Where is the D in the West??

And BTW: after 6 games, WPG is only giving up an average of 37 yards against rushing

.....from what I ascertain from the stats on the Bombers is that their front seven are very good at stopping the rush and attackign the passer, but if you can get that pass off their secondary is letting things yes, 37 average yards rushing, but bad yards passing as well......

I wouldn't say they are bad for yards againt passing....right now they are ranked 3rd (just a speck behing Montreal for second). True they have been giving up some, but mostly small stuff, unlike last year where teams burnt the Bombers with the long one.