Best Defence

yup. I am sure wpg still leads in that, unless another team been giving up a hell of a lot a special teams and turnover TDs.

Average points per game against...

SSK 15.8
MTL 16.9
TOR 18.6
BC 20.9
WPG 23.5
HAM 25.6
EDM 28.1
CAL 31.5

good suggestion Arius, but it would be the same for Offence and defence, just opposite (wait does that make sence?)

I see what you mean now, but the standings on this sight are incorrect for points for and against

try here

no, I didnt. Whats up with that? How do you know that? Where do you get the right info from??

Shit, screwed by CFL.CA pathetic inefficiencey once again.

Let me try again, I beleive defense allowed points per game is the most important stat, whoever that may be.

I went to the schedule and added up the points per each game.

It should be exactly as TSN shows it

yeah, I should know better. Should always check with tsn and the score before believing anything on this site

I can't blame you for trusting the official website of the league, it should be the most up to date and accurate sight.

When you say defensive allowed points, I'm assuming you mean only points scored while the team's defence is on the field?

Otherwise we'd run into the same problem with only counting total points scored.

I know the tracks offensive points scored, but im not 100% that the numbers they have on their are defensive points allowed.

Obviously there's going to be the odd special teams points or interception / fumble touchdowns, which im not sure if that is calculated.

Just saw that I did not include points for/against, so I would have to take out average gain per rush/pass, and add points, and amount penalized?

Also I don’t like awarding points for the bottom crowd. I think points should only be awarded for the top 3, like gold silver bronze! That way, the most a team could score is 30 points on the scale, and it would save you alot of time RO!

Good idea--work in progress.
I couldn't actually make up my mind on as many as a top ten.

The problem with many of the stats is the redundancy level.
If your defence gives up the fewest rushing yards per game it will certainly also give up the fewest net yards rushing. That means in deciding which stats are most important, one needs to try and keep a balance.

Anyway, in no particular order, my top defensive catagories are:

1.Fewest Yds per game.
2.QB sacks.
3.Fewest Yds gained per pass.
4.Fewest Yds gained per rush.
5.Fewest rushing Yds/game.
6.Fewest passing Yds/game.
8.Fewest points per game.
9.Fewest Tds allowed.

And the least important:

1.Fewest TDs rushing.
2.Fewest TDs passing.
3.Most interception YDs.
4.Fewest 1st downs rushing.
5.Fewest 1st downs passing.
6.Fewest times rushed against.
7.Fewest times passed against.
8.Fewest plays from scrimmage.
9.Fewest 1st downs.

Essentially, I have tried to eliminate what really amounts to a duplication of stats, but trying to maintain a balance as well, ie., if you believe points is THE key stat, then you likely need to count more of the catagories relating to that aspect.
Obviously, I didn't really see the need to count 1st downs in 3 different ways...

This, by the way, is more work than I thought it would be.....

using the 10 categories I had picked I was able to work out the top 3 for each Offence and defence in a few minutes.


  1. WPG 16 points
  2. Sask 13
  3. BC 9
  4. Mont 6


  1. Sask 15
  2. Tor 14
  3. Mont 12
    4& 5) WPG & BC 3

Defence was only 8 categories because I couldn't find fumbles and times penalized

That looks about right to me though!

Sorry, don't know how to put it in a table like RO does.....

Ro just took a screenshot from Microsoft Excell and posted it :slight_smile:

I would add total take aways and number times the team recieved a punt for the defense. The loss on downs on Sunday on the 1 yard line changed the game for Sask.

In offense..definitely number of give aways is an import stat, and number of times punted. Both negative stats.

I would think the best defensive stat would be a good offence.... :wink: