Best Defence

Same for the defence but there are only 25 catagories

5 points ahead of Hamilton... wow... :lol:

some of the statistics included don't really relate to the quality of the defense. Stats like "Number of rushes by opposing offence" hardly measure the quality of your defence

Looking at this chart, I think it has Montreal and BC backwards.
BC definately has one of the best defences in the league, while it seems unlikely that Montreal's is as good.
Can't argue with the stats though, can we....
And yet we likely will...

Overall though, ro, I'd say that these charts, based on the actual stats the league keeps, are remarkably accurate.
people always like to break out the old cliche about stats being for losers.
What they don't get, is that all cliches have weaknesses--they aren't 100%.
In any given game, at any given time, "stats are for losers".
But over the long haul, the stats tend to bear out.

The only thing about your charts I would question is, you have given equal billing to each catagory, I believe.
I might suggest not every catagory deserves that equal status.

Good stuff though.
I have a definate love/hate thing going with stats....

Sask, BC and Toronto should be top 3 defences.

Yup and I agree!

That was my arguement with the defence rating last year as well.

I only post them!
We can all take them for what we want!

Maybe we should see if we can achieve a consensus as to which stats are more important than others, and attribute more points to those, redo the chart and see what it looks like.
I don't expect us to be able to agree on complete hierarchy, just a top tier/second tier of catagories.

I was going to suggest that, Arius, but I figured it’d just lead to more arguing. :lol:

You do realise that a certain poster will give the most weight to any catagory a certain team is leading in!

I hope that was not directed at me!

My NON-Biased suggestion: the majority of the categories are repeated and not important. 10 I believe are important, and makes for a good #.

Most first downs
Average yards per game
Average gain per pass
Average gain per rush
Average pass yards per game
Average rush yards per game
highest comp%
Fewest QB sacks
Fewest fumbles lost
Fewest int's

Sorry just relised this was for Defence and I posted for Offence, but could be the same for both!

We are having a hard enough time with the results, never mind trying to reach a consensus on what category should be given more weight.

No not at all!

Wrong person... had the right person in mind, but not the right initials... lol

The beauty of a consensus, is not everyone needs to agree...
But given that I would anticipate "someone's" team to improve their rank, on defence at least, even they might be onside with this....

How does this sound...everyone who cares to, pick their top 10, ie., most important defensive and offensive catagories and their least important 10.
Majority rules.
You don't have to vote for a complete list.

The list may change after this weeks games, the Bombers piled up a lot of yards on the Riders D, but once again didn't score a lot of points.

And the Lions piled up a ton of rushing yards and points on the Als, the top 2 rated defenses in that list.

I beleive points total points against is the most important stat. I beleive its winnipeg by a mile.

Total points allowed by the defense?

I believe Winnipeg is middle of the pack in that category.

You do relise those PA they show on the CFL page are wrong? For Winnipeg anyways!