Best Defence Week 12

I'll save ro1313 the pain of compiling the #'s so far.

BC 150
Sask 135
WPG 128
Tor 124
MNT 124
EDM 102
Cal 81
Ham 60

Some interesting trends:

  1. I don't know the stats for offence (someone else wanna try it?), but BC may just be #1 in both. the team to beat right now for sure.

  2. My how the mighty have fallen. After 4 straight losses Montreal falls to the middle of the pack defensivly. The off week may help, but then they face BC again. Ouch.

  3. Both Saskatchewan and Toronto are putting together quite the stretch recently. SK excellent against the rush, Toronto excellent aginst the pass.

  4. After 4 straight losses of their own, Winnipeg still (surprisingly) leads the league in total yards against, and is still the best against the rush. Hopefully they can reclaim their status as the best in the league soon.

  5. Maybe the most surprising # on here belongs to Calgary's 81. For them to be considered one of ther top teams I think they really need to improve of this.

  6. Edmonton doesn't look too bad, but that probably is due to the fact they have played 2 less games than Hamilton. I'd expect Cal/Edm/Ham to all be pretty close if they had each played the same # of games.

argos dirty dozen is the best cfl defense.

And how do you come up with that PM

The numbers are posted for you to see.

Thanks for calculating blue! I expected to see the Als drop way down!


Just goes to show these stats arent worth
much. If you think Calgary has the second
worst D in the league youre fricking nuts.

Toronto has a great D for sure, and I would say the hardest to pass against, but I don't know if there is a team that anyone could claim is "the best defence" right now.

Calgary has given up alot of yards, especially against the pass (which they are in last place). I'll admit I haven't seen too many Stamps games, but obviously their strongpoint is the offence.

toronto is only 26 behind BC, that isnt much, toronto has a gamebreaker in byronw parker, kid is gonna win defensive player of the week honours with his big INTS for TD, arogs have the leading tackler in eiben, they got mike fletch who is dangerous, and stubler is the bill parcells of the CFL.

Too bad they average over 130 yards against the rush - something a top defence does not do.

In the CFL, the majority of yards are gained from passing. Runs and run defense are less important. So Toronto and other teams don't need a strong run defense. With a few exceptions, the general belief is that championships are won with strong pass attack, pass defense and Canadian talent. Calgary's chances are lower because of weakness on defense.

Toronto's grey cup was won by its defense stopping the passing game, they allowed mroe rushing yards, but rich stubler even siad that no team in the cfl is going to win by rushing the ball.