Best Damn 50

On my lunch break today I was watching the Best Damn sports show on Sports Net and they were doing there top 50 football plays of all time. I saw NFL, NCAA and even high school plays, but not 1 CFL play, not surprising, but disapointing. TSN should put together a similar show with CFL plays and then put it out for sale on DVD.

There was also not one Aussie rules football play.. the only soccer one was whats her face with the nike bra... no gaelic football, cricket or rugby union not to mention rugby league.

It was an American sports countdown produced for those Americans (and Canadians for that matter) who don't care about sport outside of the US...

Now if this was a Canadian produced show for the Canadian market... then there'd be something to complain about. In the newspapers at least, it comes pretty close.

they had the milt stegall buzzer beater vs. edmonton from this past season, now stop being a typical CFL- anti-american basher and put your money where your mouth is and produce a cfl show, instead of waiting for others to do the dirty work for you.

Ive seen that Best Damn a few times, and despite the lack of CFL, the plays are still pretty sweet..