Best D=line in the league

i read in the riders forum that if they signed joe montford they would have the best just wondering what everyone else feels

Sask has one the best Dlines , if not the best DLine in the league now. I dont think they need to add Montford.

really the got montford? nice

i said "IF" they were to sign montford, not they did sign him

Winnipeg has 6 votes over Sask 2 right now.

All that means is 6 Winn fans have votes compaierd to 2 Saks fans

well the wpg d-line is pretty friggin good u gotta admit that

I am not saying it is not.
I just dont put any stock into any polls

Either Calgary or Edmonton, both had the most sacks last year. And although the esks did lose jeanty(didn't play for a good portion of the season), and montford; we got anthony collier and braidwood in the dispersal and entry drafts.

exactly right

Maybe not. I voted Hamilton. Although I believe many teams have great d-lines.

I agree that its not necessarily how many fans of each team voted but I am a bit suspect of the poll though since the bombers signed a few players there seems to be a lot more bomber fans around here than there were this time last year.

That being said I voted for Calgary

And there will be a few of them dining on crow once the season ends, mada…

You also got to remember that the riders d-line from last year was barely healthy, with key injuries to nate davis and shultz throughout the year, so stats from last year really dont tell the whole story

best at what.........partying......dancing.........sacking.....

One team does'nt stand out more than the other but I'd give the edge to the Roughies just beacuse they have both Davis & Schultz