Best D after 3 games?

There's a poll on the CFL mainpage which has the Riders taking half of the votes. How does a team that has given up over 400 yards/game get half the votes? :roll:
Sure they have a good D, but I think WPG or Montreal have had the most impressive D so far this year, despite not getting any help from their offence.
Would half the posters on here vote for the Riders?

Isn't it a given that any online poll will end up with the Riders getting the most votes?

Which team has the least amount of green on their uniforms?
Riders - 63%

The Riders win every online poll. We already know that they've won the 2013 play of the year, even if that play ends up being Gainer doing a sideline dance. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, they've also allowed the least points. So that's something.

You'll have to explain to me how 67 is less than 63.

With the exception of game one against Cgy, BC's D has been exceptional. The late TD by Ray aside, the unit has allowed 12 points in the last 2 games.

err, yeah, second least. Sorry.

Why is it that every negative post here always is about the Riders?

Riders have a great Defense despite their yardage.

I would disagree, not every negative post is about the Riders, but most negative posts are about Riders fans.

Except for the ones about the Bombers. Or Argo attendance. Or TiCat attendance. Or the offense in Montreal.

Anybody who really thinks that most negative posts here even mention the Riders in any way is flat out delusional. The only time it's gotten negative about Rider fans lately is whenever online polls come up, and that's because Rider fans think that every poll is actually a "which team has more people willing to spam the button!!!!!" contest.

Which is why the play of the year has been a total farce for two years.

Personally I think the Riders D has been the most dominant. They have given up some yards and some points, but they have alos had the most garbage time out of any team. A lot of backups have been playing.
That said, BC would also be a good choice.

Ya, I know how rider fans like to stuff ballots, that's why I wanted to see when a name gets put to a vote if the results would differ.
I agree BC could be in the running as well. When WPG/BC have given up almost 130 yards/game less I think that puts the Rider D down a bit. Again, WPG & Montreal have had terrible offences, many 2 & outs, and yet the D has been strong despite being on the field so much.
Personally I would see it as WPG/Montreal/BC/Sask/Edm.

I actually saw a poll once that Winnipeg fans won (best QB/receiver combo). Totally disagreed with the result of that one too.

Khari/Stegall. Just as valid as any other option. Obviously more because of Stegall, Khari was a decent QB, not great. Now imagine if Milt had a AC/Ray/Flutie/Dickenson chucking him the ball? Wouldn't even be close.

Just an opinion. I would have gone with Flutie/Pitts or Moon/Kelly over them.

Riders D is not the best, although if they played as well as they can for 4 quarters they would be right up there.

Watching Montreal last week, their D was sickeningly good. I think they would get my vote.

BC is awesome too, probably best over the last 2 games, but counting week 1 as well I can’t say they are best. By week 19 they could be best tho.

I have to agree that overall the Als looks pretty solid. It is a pity they are left out their so much!
I think the Bombers DL looks the best thus far, Als secondary, LBs I am not sure...

Further to my earlier post, a few D's are playing well and a few aspects of certain D's are carrying them (ie: Wpg's DL). I am really surprised to see BC having success with such a low number of sacks and consider 3 of those 4 came last game. Over the years, they have built the team around that DL and getting pressure on the QB, but so far this year, I think they are playing like a more complete unit. It is only week 3 and things could change... and likely will...

Anemic offence makes a defence look good. You also have to take a look at where those offenses start off as well. It's a lot less painful to give up 40 yards when the opposition are starting at their own 10-20 yard line and not letting them cross half then to give up 20 yards with them starting at center and punting for a field goal.

Too early to know for sure but Winnipeg has been doing it with their front four and in spite of injuries. You got to give it to them. 18 sacks in 3 games. Easy picking.

Awesome. :lol:

I've only been here a short time, but this is the funniest thing I've read on this forum so far. Definitely a nugget of truth in there as well. Well played.

On the topic, The Rider D does deserve to be considered for top spot. So far in the season, it seems like they're taking the first part of the game to "feel out" what opposing offenses are doing, then locking it down until the game is won, and then they give up the garbage yards/points. Even with that, they've still allowed to second fewest points and least amount of losses (zero :slight_smile:). That said, they're getting a lot of help from the O, who haven't turned the ball over can grind out drives with Sheets and eat a lot of time in the process.

Lions are a solid choice as well... the week 1 performance hurts them though.