Best combination(s)

Hello all,

Just looking for peoples opinion on who they think was the best QB/WR combination in the CFL starting from the early 50's until now.


Sam Etchevery to Hal Patterson was the best combo ever. Being a lifelong TiCat fan, I saw this Montreal duo connect way too often.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 at Ivor Wynn)

can we open this to just plain reciever, and not WR. If so, Austin to Elgaard was pretty damn good.

i haven't had time to post things the last while but felt i neded to comment. we should include all receivers and then give credit to k jones and stegal. jones throws it up and stegal runs it down whereever it happens to end up. flutie to flutie should also be mentioned.

how bout glenn to peterson... oh wait that was bad... very very bad.

Dewalt to Swervin Merven Fernandez!!! TOUCHDOWN!

Flutie to Pitts was pretty awesome ...

If we look at contemporary players, Calvillo to Cahoon sure lead to a lot of Alouettes' successes... Cahoon is the single best receiver in all of Alouettes' history (catches, yards and receiving TDs), and he only played with A.C., which means a lot about the combination.

By the look of it, we're talking all receivers, and not just wide receivers, so I'll mention perhaps the most obvious one, stunned that it hasn't been mentioned yet.

The Danny McManus/Darren Flutie combination is the standard to which all current ones are still compared. Each one seemed to make the other look better. Darren always knew where the ball would be thrown, and Danny always knew that Darren would be there. Those two as a unit were the main reason for the Ticats' offensive success in '98 and '99. And when Darren retired, there was a significant dropoff in McManus' production.

....maybe a little early for you guys to remember but

Kenny Ploen/Ernie Pitts...awesome
Peter Liske/Terry Evanshen
and one combination I will always remember and loved to hate
Ron Lancaster/Hugh Campbell...they didn't have many incompletions...
and led people to believe Campbell had 'glue' on his hands...hence the name GLUEY HUEY.... :shock: