I forgot Bud Grant- Winnipeg - for sure!!!!!!!!!!


About Mathews, when he was out here in BC he was never accesable to the press, and when he did do interviews, he was pretty aloof.

I guess I was factoring history into my comments...something about a leopard never changing his spots.

Your list reminds me of a funny Eagle Keys interview when he was with BC Lions, decades ago.....

Sports Guy: "Eagle, that was quite a loss, what happened?"

Keys: "Well, Al, the other team scored more points than we did, so it was a contributing factor in us getting our asses handed to us on a platter tonight."

Sports Guy: " So how are you going to prepare for next week?"

Keys: " Well Al, we're going to try and score more points next week than our opponant, and hopefully that will mean the win and 2 points."

I remember that interview like it was yesterday!

I think by far The Don is probably the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be, that being said he is cocky and arrogant and I don't like him

Frank Spazziani. Now thats a forgotten name.

Pinball Is The Best Motivator In The League, He's Really Good At Bringing The Emotion Out Of His Players. As Far As Knowing The Game And Actually Winning Games It Has To Go To Mathews, His Amazing Defence Is A Testament To That.

Cal Murphy was also a great one

Matthews is not nearly as egotistical as people think. I was at an als practice with my day camp (Im a counsellor not a camper) and one of the kids yelled out "Can I have your autograph" and he just chuckled, smiled and said "maybe later" he wont igve you stereotypical football coach answers to questions if you call that egostitical so be it. but he is a very accessible guy

I have always really liked Danny Barrett as a coach. He and Roy have turned the entire Rider team around from being basement brawlers 5 years ago to being GC contenders. I honestly think Barrett is the most underrated coach in the CFL. As for as the poll, between Wally and Pinball i picked Pinball, I've always loved his unique style of coaching.