We all hear about Stupid play calling by the coaches, we also hear about the Amazing decisions but the coach... Who do you think is the Best CFL coach there is today!?

what about Don Matthews or the rest of the gang?

I’ll probably get lambasted for this, but I always kinda liked Higgins.

ur are gonna get

Thanks for the support. :smiley:

No contest
Don Mathews

polls should include more then 2/9th of the posibilities

I guess he want us to vote on his 2 favorites

Yeah, think I'm gonna have to change my vote. Matthews is pretty good. I like those two (Matthews and Higgins) because they seem (to me, at least on outward appearances) to be able to motivate their guys pretty easily. From my own coaching experiences, that's not always an easy thing to do.

I like Matthews... liked*. Since he did his little cd there..... what a loser hahaha. The least he could of done is not make it a hip hop song. No he's still an awesome coach. I like him, Clemons and Macocia (because hes canadian and french)

the poll is just too see wich coach from last years grey cup would you want to coach your team. just a question. i mean there two great coaches

wally bunno with out question.!

How can a list of great CFL coaches be just two? There have been lots of great coaches in the CFL including Hugh Campbell who went south and returned, Bud Grant (Bombers and Minn Vikings), Mike Riley (not here a lot of years), etc.

There have been some great Canadian assistants who went south and some are still active. Lots of good ones.

Wally has made it to the GREY CUP......... with2 teams........he is the BUD GRANT , and the BUFFALO coach..............he has coached allot of GREY CUP, losers.

Oh well then only out of the 2 grey cup coaches its Wally all the way.
Pinball is a glorified chearleader

Tough call on this one.

Wally has always been a tried and true winner, and has produced some decent results.

Don Matthews can say the same, but he has a tendancy to be a pompas egomaniac at times (see: the way he bolted from the Esks).

I have to give props to Pinball tho: excellent spokesman for the league on and off the field.

Then you also have Greg Marshall, a guy who helped turn the Ti-Cats from 1-17 one year to a playoff-bound team his first year in.

With Pinball and Marshall are still getting their feet wet in the pro coaching ranks (I know, Pinball's coached before last year's GC run, but he's still a relative newbie), and Matthews being the jerkwad that he is, I gotta go with Wally.

Pinball Clemens, the steve erucal (from "Family Matters") look a like!!! :lol:

As a tactician...Buono. Pinball's a good players coach. ( And yes I expected someone to remind me about last years Grey Cup....) I think Mathews (As much as I hate his arrogance) is probably the best.

Ya know guys I just dont see Mathiews as being arrogant.
I have been paying more attention to his interviews since this topic came up during the off season and I just dont see it.

Durning training camp he used to call in to CJAD the radio station that broadcast the games and he always seemed to be in a great mood joked with the radio guys and always plesant.

Oh well maybe I am too biased to see.

Here are the best coaches ever in the CFL

  1. Eagle Keys - Saskatchewan
  2. Hugh Campbell - Edmonton
  3. Don Mathews - everywhere
  4. Frank Clair- Ottawa
  5. Marv Levy - Montreal

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