Best Coach Ever!

Just sayin'.... :wink: :smiley:

Another win and June Jones regains his genius status! Even though he is still calling for passes on 2nd and short (but he did mix in a few runs, but very few sneaks).

The nice thing for me is that he beat Saint Wally, in B.C., with an 11:00 EDT start. Next year we will have to wait until a midnightstart time:D.

It's only a matter of time before the "Fire Jones!" threads start....

He may have out of touch with the Canadian game (growing pains), but the players like him. He has people skills and his player evaluations seem to right on and gets the max from guys when and where he uses them.

Coach Jones is one of the most experience level headed coaches we've had in a long time. Don't think the players aren't aware and respect his vast experience. :wink: ;D

It was a joke.

When the Cats were blowing everyone one away, we were getting "Fire Kent!" threads.

Of course I failed to noticed that someone had already posted a "Worst Coach Ever!" thread, which basically amounts to the same thing.

So do you still want him fired?

If you watched Drew’s video on 3DN, Jones gave credit to Fantuz for a very important piece of advice. Andy told him, at the start of the final drive, that they had much more time than he (Jones) thought. It allowed Jones to do some running plays that he wouldn’t normally have.
With the 20-second play clock, the game clock starting when the play is whistled in, and the ability to run one last offensive play after time expires (as long as the play was whistled in prior to 0:00 on the clock [ahem - last week]) there is no reason why you can’t control the clock and gain the necessary field position for an attempt as a winning play.

Is he our long term solution?

While it's a great story it's also scary. To me it means he had no idea how to manage last week's clock as you pointed out.
But that horse is dead.

I'm just asking if your opinion has changed. You were pretty vocal on wanting him fired even before he coached a game as HC. After winning 3 of 4 it appears you don't want him fired now...

I thought he would be a disaster based on his being out of the game and far removed from the CFL game and his comments on Briles. But, yes, it was actually a compliment to him. (Same goes for Lolley - pleasantly surprised). Though, I think Masoli has been admirable at managing this new offence and is grinding out wins despite the learning curve going on by Jones and the team. As you know, I'm going to give the most credit to the QB - as he hasn't been pretty but he has gotten the job done under what I would say were not and are not ideal circumstances. Jones definitely puts guys in positions to succeed or maybe just uses common sense which we have been lacking prior to him arriving.

Mosoli is not doing much better then Collaros. We have yet to score 30 points in a game this year.
The best change made was Phillip Lolley taking over the defense. Since he has taken over Hamilton has yet to give up more then 27 points.
That to me is the biggest difference.
As fore June Jones I will admit that the team does seem to look refreshed and I think the players enjoy playing for him.

I think you must have meant .... Masoli taking over the offence rather than Lolley taking over the defence. ???Masoli's time period would make your 27 points statement true.
As written, you somehow left out WPG's 39 pts., here, on Aug. 12th and OTT's 37 a week later, also @ THF.

Well I don't think that we can start calling and anointing Jones the "Best Coach Ever" just yet......BUT I do think that we can safely call him the best HC that we've had this season . :wink:

It also shows his ability to listen to people's advice, as well as allow people to feel comfortable to offer it to him. That goes a long way towards earning the respect of players and coaches. I like it.

A good mix of running vs. passing. I was hoping we would see more deep passes, but that might change with the return of Fantuz. While this season may end up being a bust, it gives some hope for next season.

I like it too. But his call last week cost us a game. Period.

One second away from potentially botching another game Fri. Night. The leisurely pace led by Masoli and Jones down to the six second mark had sidelines in total confusion.
Castillo, s incredulous "wha?" after being told they were going to run another play summed it all up.

And the trouble with ice cream is that it's too cold, and pickles are too crunchy? :smiley:

Oops, (night shift)my bad.For some reason I was thinking his first game was on labour day the same as Jones. I still think the defence is the reason for our wins though.