Best City To Be a CFL Fan

The pollution status does the Hammer in again.

Our concourse is second to none.

Of “course”. :smiley:

Can’t wait to see the swearing out of Saskatchewan for this one.

When comparing CFL cities only, we’re #3, right ahead of Ottawa #4.
When they include NFL cities, we’re #9, 2 spots belowOttawa.
The study is total joke! ::slight_smile:

Gotta say, it’s an unbelievably lame attempt by the study’s authors to get their name out there.

It’s a tried and true PR tactic. e.g. you send around a “study” about Canadians’ dating habits a week or two before Valentine’s Day, and hope that some media picks it up. But these guys barely even tried. Pollution - really? Why not average number of dog bites per 100,000 … or cost of day care?

Sure enough, the only media that picked it up was in Edmonton.

Pollution? Those of us who remember when there was industry on Burlington Street, and when the mills were running full bore, know pollution. THF is like a spring breath of air!

The best city to be a CFL fan in is Regina, because locals who care about the team are the norm rather than the exception.

Commonwealth Stadium is the worst place to watch a football game. Because it was built for track and field, the track itself puts fans well back of the field. No matter which seat you choose; bottom, middle, or top row, you’re at a lousy vantage point. And going to a football game is about seeing the football game, isn’t it?

Regina would be the best city to be a RIDER fan, not necessarily a CFL fan.

I’ve read & heard lots of horror stories about Regina & Winnipeg not being overly welcome to other teams’ fans.

Just go on twitter and search Simoni Lawrence.

Even the local media in Regina are homers. When Simoni recently set the record for tackles; instead of acknowledging the accomplishment; their sentiment was Simoni should not even be playing in that game.

Hamiltonians have become a little more compassionate and level headed, compared to the good old days, of practically tarring and feathering fans of the opposition.

Now, when most people pick on opposing fans, its in jest, with laugh, and good natured ribbing, rather than the nastiness of the good ol’ days.
Ends up in shaking hands and welcoming the out of town folks.

It’s nice to see we are all growing up and evolving, yours truely included. ( but we still cheer for the cats like little kids)

And they have no fear of sub zero temperatures.

The charts for the “Best City” don’t make sense. We are ranked higher then Calgary in the CFL only chart , but below Calgary when you blend in the NFL teams?
( I know it’s not a big deal…but still)

You could not have spoken truer words! There hasn’t been an ear bitten off since, I think, 1999?

Hamilton fans are quite respectful of other teams fans…

and very respectful to Argo fans these days…

likely cause we don’t want to scare any Argo fans left away.

I’ll admit, while being polite, I’m not the most friendly to RR fans.

I give opposing fans a hard time every chance I get , and God forbid you should sit in my section! It’s all good clean fun and I think visitors expect a little razzing when they visit other stadiums.

Does that go for Ti-Cat fans as well? ;D :wink: