Best Choice for a Potential Ottawa Head Coach?

I say Ron Stewart (former Ottawa star RB)should be considered. After all, there is no actual team and he is used to getting paid for doing no work.... at least according to Canada'a Auditor-General.

Greg Marshall is the man if doesn't get the Hamilton job.. Former player, former coach - very familiar with the franchise.

It's only fair that the league starts
paying Ronnie Stewart to do nothing now

The Rough Riders used to pay Ronnie Stewart
top bucks during his active football career
while he 'double dipped' with the government.

He may have done nothing for the next 26 years
while the government was his exclusive employer.

but I'm sure Ottawa's new owners won't pay him
while he takes his summer long island vacation

which customarily starts in the Spring
at about the time Ottawa's Training Camp
will be opening in May of 2008

Joe PaoPao.....

Then they could sign the dead player they drafted and start paying his estate a salary too! :lol: :lol: :lol: