Best CFL Writers Are In The West

I live in southern Ontario, and get bombarded with baseball, baseball and more baseball in the summer. Even though nobody outside of the media and hardcores in Hogtown cares.

Which is why it is nice to go on the net and read Paul Friessen of the Winnipeg Sun, or Terry Jones from Edmonton, or the many Calgary writers, and their stories on the CFL.

Because these guys cover the league as a major sport, which it is in Canada. They don't try to pick at some problems the league may have, like all other leagues have, while ignoring whats going on the field. They don't worry what the Americans think. They just cover the bloody league the same way they cover the NHL.

The problem where I live is the media is in love with baseball. And the NBA, NCAA and NBA. All they know is what they watch on American TV. So we get way more coverage of these sports than interest dictates.

I live in London, ONtario, and I remember DAve Langford who was editor of the Globe and a London native saying how big a baseball town we were. Funny, but we've had three minor league teams fold here in the past 10 years. They didn't draw flies. Thats a baseball town? But this is the type of moron running the CAnadian media.

So until we can get rid of the DAve Perkins, Garth Woolsleys, Bill Lankhofs, Dave Langfords, Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Raptors and Paul Godfrey, I will continue to read the western papers for my CFL news.

Good post berezin, one reason why I'd love to retire out west. Nothing wrong with baseball though, I personally don't get much out of the sport and don't watch it, too slow and not enough hitting like football and hockey, but they are the writers here and will probably always get caught up in the Blue Jays media stuff, fine, I just don't read it or follow it much to be honest. I'm sure the Blue jays give these writers all sorts of free dinners and booze fests.

west is best, but when it comes to the media, thats not saying much

I agree, West media is the best.

I would have to agree with the print media , however the WEST does own GLOBAL T.V. , which shows NFL games , and ignores the CFL and most other Canadian T.V. They are a Canadian network that tries to copy the major U.S. networks all for more money!

The CBC which is also in Calgary and Vancouver , plus 2 radio stations world wide does show allot of CFL games and has lots of Canadian shows.

Vancouver , was allot like Toronto , Hamilton and Ottawa a few years back.

hellothere, I live in the WEST.... does that mean I own Global?

Is it that Global ignores the CFL, or do they not show CFL games cause they don't have the TV rights to show them, and quite possibly don't have the people to actually televise the games? I don't know either way, but I'm wondering if that might be at least part of the reason.

Yes I know that they don't show CFL games , but that doesn't mean that they should constantly ignore the CFL and/or put it down all of the time as they do in Ontario. :thdn:

GLOBAL also doesn't give a dam about any Canadian content. :thdn:

The global stations out here seem to do a fair job in the newscasts and the like.... as far as ontario well.... can't comment as I've only ever seen the prairie newscasts.. I think with my new TelusTV time-shifting channels, I get a global station from down east, I'll hafta watch and see if it's noticeably different.

Watch SPORTS LINE , I am happy to hear that they do a better job with the CFL , out West. :thup:

Global does agreat job before and after games! In fact I believe they have a Stamps show on global where they interview coaches and players. Last year ever monday night at 11:30 they had a half hour show dedicated to the Stamps! So here they seem to do a good job. Just maybe the CFL is not the in thing for them down in TO. To bad because the Argos have worked hard in the community out there to get some coverage and then you get short sighted morons that will do little to nothing to help the team!

Global rarely that I've seen ever has a reporter at games doing a TV interview with players or something. But doesn't matter, they aren't a sports station and could never compete with TSN, Sportsnet or The Score, and have no vested interests in Canadian sports or content other than what they have to show for CanCon rules, although I suppose that is the same for every network.

I agree Earl, Global should report the scores from the games just like any other general news network, I don't think it's in their mandate to do anything special in that regard..... that's why there are networks like TSN and Sportsnet.... and I'd be surprised if any network short of the CBC exceeded the CanCon minimums

BC used to have bad press coverage. Kent Gilcrest of the Vancouver Province and one other reporter who's name escapes me (Lowell Ulrich)(I'll edit it when I remember) gives us pretty good print coverage. For home games we usually get a 20 page game day pull out with all sorts or pregame stuff, plus a look around the league.

By the way, any one know what happened to Jim Taylor? He used to cover the CFL in Vancouver and Calgary in the print media. He was agreat Ambassador to the league and was always plugging the league.

The National Post has good CFL coverage on Wed.They talk about every team.Today,an article from Van.,on who's made the most with the Ott. dispersal draft.Interesting!

Did he not pass away?

cfl writers would cover more nfl games once the nfl returns to los angeles, the only decent team out west is seattle, and they are great team, but lack the flavour that the west coast candian media needs.

Hello is any one home playdough this is not the NFL site! Does this trhead mention anything about the NFL? I think not! Move on little boy! Your madden football will get burn in on your 12 inch black and white tv.

if the cfl wants to be major league they need a tv network and fantasy magazines like the nfl.

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