Best CFL Tight Ends Ever

In a thread on football formations, the disappearance of the tight end in the CFL is referenced.

This left me thinking....

Tommy Joe Coffey forever!

And, of course, Tony Gabriel was mildly acceptable. :wink:
I suppose older Blue team fans remember Mel Profit and Al's followers recall Peter Dalla Riva or Stamps' fans smile at the mention of Herm Harrison.

Who are the top tight ends in CFL history? Anyone here with a good enough memory to rank them?

my wife as a different opinion on the best tight ends

Pat Claridge who played for the B.C. Lions is another.

Als Peter Della Riva!


Rocky DiPietro, Hamilton.

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Good topic, as an Eskimo fan, I will state that in my opinion Herm Harrison was the best tight end in CFL history. Ham Hands gave us fits.

As for Tommy Joe Coffey, I am a bit hazy on his Hamilton years but I seem to recall that in Edmonton he played at wide receiver. Regardless one of CFL's all time greats.

#1 right there.

Technically, he was a Split End as he lined up on scrimmage but opposite the Tight End and a bit apart from the main mass on the line (good position for a dual purpose player). Sometimes he DID play in tight and other times lined up wider out.

In the day, in Hamilton, I remember him being referred to as both but you’re right- he really was a Split End. (But hey, he’s my favourite player and I have a signed jersey of his so Im putting him on my list. Maybe we need a list of best Split Ends too.)

Today we would just lump Split Ends in with Wide Receivers as the style of play has changed.

My wife would completely agree with you FYB. I think she was in love with Itty Bitty, remember him a few years back, the kick returner for the Als? :wink:

Split End, now that's a term I haven't heard or seen in years. Another topic for interesting discussion would be the best Place Kickers by postion. Coffey would have to be at or near the top for receivers.

Ah yes, back in the day when all teams had a tight end on one end of the line, at the other end the guy lining up on the line of scrimmage but away from the line was called the Split End. . . and the other receiver on the same side as the tight end would line up wide but a yard or so behind the line, and he was called a Flanker. So yesterday's Split End and Flanker are now lumped together as Wide Receivers (and are both on the line of scrimmage since there isn't a tight end).

Loved Tommy Joe…great split end and a good place kicker (the term of the day) and even played DB on occasion. I last saw him in a coffee bar in Vancouver selling insurance about 15 yrs ago. Is he still around?
At one time he had the CFL record for most receptions in a season which was broken by Hugh Campbell in the last game of the season. Coffey was inserted in the defensive backfield to defend him on the record breaking catch.

Got his signature on a jersey 3 years ago at Ivor Wynne when they were celebrating some 60's teams.

At one time I believe that he also had the all-time pro receiving record. That would have been back in 1971? I remember that because I was a copyboy working for the Hamilton Spectator and I tried to write a magazine article about it. Then some NFL player took it back. The reign at the top was quite brief.

Can anybody confirm who had the all-time record in catches in 1970? Coffey had 650 or so.

My guess is Harold Carmichael of the NFL Eagles.

Nick Arakgi. Seriously. He was DOMINANT with the Concordes for a couple years before he got hurt. He used to ROUTINELY get the O'Keefe player of the game. He was pure destruction.

And I might also nominate Ray Elgaard, but by the time he started racking up numbers the offenses had evolved him to one of the first slotbacks.

Why did the CFL abandon the Tight End position? Should be a good situational substitution when you want to cross across the middle?

You took the words right out of my mouth.

Ten years and you resurrect this thread? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Have you been locked in the basement? (Tommy Joe all the way!)

I am thinking of Herman Harrison of the stamps and also of Jim Worden of Sk, Roughriders