Best CFL name ever?

Tom Canada? Or Etienne Boulay?

I originally thought the former, but lately I've become quite fond of the latter. And after expansion, Montreal can trade him to the Nordiques for 6 beaver pelts and a canoe or something.

Not to be mean but... whats the point of this topic?

ummmm listen closely ESA, what player in the CFL has the best name, there wasnt that easy. i like Tay Cody thats a sweet name.

oh and Chip Cox, and Burke Dales best porn names

there playing well because they have the porn gods on there side

How about Leroy Blugh (Pronouced Blue).....Sounds like a Singer with a guitar!

that was a good one to

Charles Assman and Reggie Smellie.


Jamie Boreham (bores us Cat fans with his kicking)

That's not mean at all. What I was asking was who you think has the most appropriately "Canadian" name in the Canadian Football League? Canada and Boulay immediately come to mind, but I was curious if there were any others that I was overlooking. I know its not really an X's and O's thread, but when you're 0-3, such trifles are all ya got.

But yes, there are many CFL names that are just generally cool. Chip Cox for sure - when he messes up a coverage, fans can yell "you $uck, Cox." I like that.

And as far as porn names, how does it get any better than Buck Pierce?

At one point back in the '90s, it seemed the Cats were building a Dukes of Hazard team. First we got "Uncle" Jesse Smalls, and then Manny "Dukes of" Hazard. If only they had had the wisdom to trade for Enis Jackson too.

I dont get it. What so Canadian about Boulay, any more than any other name??

Étienne Brûlé

Ok lets look at it this way, would you see an American called etienne boulay??? Didnt think so.

I like Tom Canada, especially since he's an import. My all time favourite name is Gizmo Williams. I don't remember if that was his real name (I'm thinking not) but it sure stuck in my mind.

new orleans maybe?? Kinda impossible to say you wouldnt. Both countries have people from all the rest of the countries in the world with many different kinds of names.

Maybe… but I think the french population in New-Orleans has been wipped out but I guess calling your son Etienne is better than Apple or Moses! :lol:

Yes, Étienne Brulé, the first European to ever get jiggy in Canada. Bu he also has peripheral connections to the argos:

(you may have to replace the **** in the url with the forbidden word that resembles $uck)

i remember a guys last name being bearman, but i cant remember his first name

"Gizmo" Williams real first name was Henry. And if memory serves me right, wasn't that guy from the XFL who had "He Hate Me" on the back of his jersey in a CFL training camp recently?

If you want a real Canadian name, go Inuit :rockin: