Best CFL Move By TSN?

Most credit TSN for having the vision to take and market the CFL for mutual benefit.

What has been their best move?

For me it was to have an identifiable and consistent CFL night. Friday night football has become a tradition. I think they own that night and must never lose it. And not be afraid of the double header on that night. Ignore the complaints of too early a start on West Coast and too late a finish in the East. Double headers help Sports Bars and those who couch it.

Televising every regular season game has really helped the league's image. People forget CBC would pick and choose games and sometimes you wouldn't see your team on TV.

Having an exceptional CFL panel, especially Matt Dunnigan, although I do think it's time they reigned in the those head signs.

TSN has been a blessing for this league and what a great job they are doing, always room for improvement of course but having all games televised nationally has done the trick for me although I've been a CFL fan long before TSN was even around.

100% Agree.....I can remember when there was seasons back when the teams played a 16 game schedule(pre-86)and with only 8 away or road games,that only 3 would be televised on the season.Back then,every home game was blacked out and also every game from Toronto as well.A lot of times,I can remember the Cats playing a 3 game series on the year versus the Argos,with two of the games being in Toronto automatically blacked out in the Hamilton and surrounding region,and of the remaining 6 road games left on the schedule only 3 would be on television with the other 3 games only available on radio.I can remember many a night having to listen to CHML radio to follow a game because of no TV coverage.It was no wonder that the Cats had crowds of 14,000 to 18,000 avg in the decade of the eighties,only diehards would listen and follow a game on the radio,for others it was out of sight out of mind,they would find something else to occupy their time with.I can even remember the classic "83""84" and "86" East Finals between the Cats and Argos being blacked out and having to go to the bar to watch these games via Satellite Dish.The CFL has come a long ways from those days,that helped cause the "lost generation of fans era" thanks to TSN taking over and implementing the Friday Night Football package,the full schedule broadcast and the lifting of home and away blackouts.I shudder to think where the league would be now if CBC still had the contract,I mean could you imagine the uproar today if the play-off games were subject to black-out ? let alone being lucky enough to perhaps being able to see your team on the road on TV only 4 or 5 times a season if your lucky.

Also aside from the Friday night football staple TSN in conjunction with CFL scheduling has been able to find the best times for fans to attend games and for the games to be televised in many cases.
Montreal's 1:00 fall season home starts are great fixture for fans going to game and those who watch on TV have mad a mini fixture that everyone knows is coming every season.
The Riders Saturday and Sunday games are a must for the fans who travel miles but negates having home games on prime time friday night football very often. Now a variety of times for staurday Afternoon that fans from a distance love, SAT evenings which local fans love and get great ratings and get home games in Prime time.
BC has been a huge part of the second half of a Friday night double header while Ottawa is picking up a ton of friday night early home games this season.
Both are like happy hours and a game in their specific cities and also have coordinated it with their pro soccer clubs who share their stadium.
Thursday night summer prime time games help to spread the games and get an early start to the weekend and out of the hot summer afternoons and then move all games to weekends once the fall starts and other NFL and NCAA football also take a Thursday night stage.
It is never going to be perfect but TSN and CFL schedule makers are getting close to perfection

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I agree the best thing they have done is televise every game. Bobo is exactly right about the situation in Southern Ontario before TSN came along. Almost every Cats and Argos home games were blacked out for both markets - meaning we got fewer CFL games than anywhere else in the country on TV. And then people wonder why there are so many NFL fans in Southern Ontario - when often that was the only football games on TV here - even on weekends the Cats and Argos were playing..

For sure. Televising every game was key. I kind of forget what it was like.

That's why I find it funny when people are up in arms about TSN not televising Pre season games. Which are mostly unwatchable and do nothing to promote how great the CFL game is . We as fans have it very good with TSN !

We do but I wish they increased the quality of the production all around. Missing plays due to commercials, The awful in game commentaries, the lack of interaction of sideline reporters (under utilized).

Haha...three of us had a bet as to which poster would be the first to turn a request for positives to a negative response.

HFX was the choice 2-1.

Puzzzzeee :wink:

...getting rid of that horrible high school band theme song from a few seasons ago was greatest move TSN ever did in regards to CFL games

If they could just get ride of igirl man :cowboy:

broadcasting all games in HD has been a plus since all games have moved to TSN.

i wish they'd get a better announcer than rod black.
they should also show more shots of the crowd enjoying themselves. and have the TSN panel broadcast live from field level/stadium concourse each week - preferably FNF.
the games that don't have the panel live at the stadium, have the panel talk to a sideline reporter during the pre-game show who is reporting from OUTSIDE the stadium where the fans are buzzing around them.

those moves alone would greatly improve CFL broadcasts, IMO.
currently, it seems we are shown the in-studio panel or the field. nothing else, really. you don't get a sense of the game day atmosphere which sells tickets to viewers.

Now Now, Rod Black is to TSN what the littlest hobo, Beachcombers and seeing things were to the CBC. He is part of TSN’s historical fiber now. We should just love him for who he is. :cowboy:

drummer you are completely right about one area where TSN could really learn from CBC's HNIC pre-game stuff, where they are in arena as the home team comes on the ice and the crowd is roaring and then sings the anthem. Watching at home you really get a sense for the atmosphere in the building.

I remember being so disappointed when I PVR'd the Labour Day game from Ivor Wynne that I was at one year when I went to watch it later. Ivor Wynne was rocking during the pre-game player intros. They had a flyover of the Lancaster Bomber. Then the crowd was roaring as a Canadian flag almost the size of the entire football field was opened and again the hyped crowd roared and sang the anthem loudly. As it ended two CF-18 jets buzzed by with a roar. NONE of that was shown on TSN.

Instead it was all in studio talking heads, a brief pre-recorded bit from the play by play guys.

Similarly with the EDF - one of the all time great highlights of the year as a Ti-Cats fan - chills running down my spine as 15,000+ Ti-Cats fans just roared as the team came running out on the field prior to the game against the Argos - deafening roar at the Rogers Centre. - and again that was not shown on TSN - instead when that was happening they were showing the panel nattering on in an empty stadium out in Calgary.

Whoever produces games and the transition from a pre-game to game with TSN needs to be sent to CBC to watch how they do HNIC!

agree with above...showing the entrance of the players, IMO, tells the story of the stadium.

That's tragic. The pre-game coverage sets the tone for the rest of the telecast and should be a great way to get everyone excited. Not to mention it just makes it appear that the game is the place to be. Why you would ignore that is beyond me. The talking heads and pre-recorded bits do absolutely nothing to capturing the mood of the crowd right before kickoff. They literally go right to kick off which is a shame as you can do so much more during the intros. (especially during "big" games such as Labor Day).