Best CFL helmet design

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a high school team around halifax (halifax west high school) has white helmets with a W in black for the symbol, i think that looks pretty sweet (same situation as the ottawa R).

The Lions print is taken directly from US college, that doesn't count against it, it's just not original.. 1)Bombers 2)Cats (it's actually the best but I live in the 'Peg) 3)Stamps (only the Broncos have a better horsie) 4)'Riders (JUST CLASSIC) 5)All the rest. Gee, letters, Wow...
Actually it is my understanding that the Lion's Paw Print was an original design which was copied by Clemson University. It was Calgary that copied the design from Southern Methodist university.

Ti-Cats is the best, Bombers' is top three and Saskatchewan's is dead last.

Obviously I think the Ticats have the best one, and judging by some of the other responses, maybe my preference is not just my bias. :slight_smile: (Princeton actually used the Tiger-cat logo on their stationery for a while after finding it in some computer clip art, believing it to be public domain.)

Calgary, with the bucking horse.

B.C., with the roaring lion head.

Montreal. The bird conveys motion, though is not nearly as scary as a lion or tiger.

Winnipeg. The lightning bolt and football makes it slightly more than a plain W.

Toronto. An A in a circle. Gosh.

Edmonton. EE. Clever.

Saskatchewan. An S would be bad enough, but the wheat actually diminishes it. Doesn't exactly instill fear in anyone's heart. I see wheat I don't think "Oh no I'm gonna get hit!"; I think "Oh no I think I'm out of bread!"

The important thing about a logo is that it is instantly recognizable. Especially at a distance or on TV.

It could be argued that the Ti-Cat logo is effective ONLY because people in the know recognize it because it's been around so long. The Princeton people obviously had no idea it had anything to do with a CFL team. For that reason, it might be a beloved logo to Ti-Cat fans (myself included), but it's not a particularly effective logo.

Simple is almost always better. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) is an old axiom that applies to many things but especially to high-recognition branding. There are a few CFL logos that excel at the principle; the Argo "A" logo is instantly and easily recognizable on TV and can be clearly seen from some distance. The same for the Esks "EE", the 'rider "S", the Lions' "BC" logo, and the Bomber "W".

On the other hand, the absolute worst example of the K.I.S.S. principle is the Als' overly detailed and hard to decipher (especially on TV) "A" logo with the lark. It's impossible to know what that is if don't already know. It might appeal to some for sentimental reasons, just as the Ti-Cat logo does, but it's really a not a good logo.

I'd say the Calgary horse logo (whichever one they use) is a very simple logo even though it doesn't have letters in it. It's recognizable from a distance and even though you would have to know it's the Stamps' logo to automatically associate it with that team, it at least uses simplicity. The Ti-Cat and Als logos do not.

The Lions paw print logo would be better suited to the arena league, or would have been good enough for the XFL. The BC with the Lion is much better, IMO.

the bomber logos are the best... same with their jersies hands down..