Best CFL helmet design

  1. Stamps

  2. Ti-Cats

  3. Riders

  4. Bombers

  5. Alouettes

  6. Argos

  7. BC

8- Eskimos

How would you rank them?

1 - ticats
2 - argos
3 - eskimos
4 - stamps
5 - riders
6 - als
7 - bombers
8- lions

1- BC Paw Print.
2- Alouettes
3- Riders
4- Ticats(not their white helmet logo)

Thats all the rest are not interesting enough for me to comment. JJ.

i hate the lions paw print logo

Bombers...of course
Tabbie Cats..
The Shmoes..
Da Riders...
mmm The lions...
The Stamps...
and the rest don't score...

The Schmoes?

Yes them to...

  1. Ti-cats.. going from yellow to back was a great move..
  2. Alouettes.. another good move in changing colours..
  3. Argos... the new logo looks good
  4. Riders.. best of the rest..
  5. Eskimos.. not much change but still a classic
  6. Stmaps.. the horse is still better than the horseshoe helmet..
  7. Lions... the old black helmets were cool, but ever since they changed , its been nothing but garbage.. the paw helmet looks XFLish..
8) Bombers.. these logos are even worse than the old TB Buccaneer helmets....

Isn't the paw helmet a vintage helmet design?

  1. Lions paw print
  2. Lions home helmet
  3. Lions away helmet
  1. Argos (classic "A", very nice)
  2. Bombers (big "W" with cool bolt 'n' ball)
  3. Stamps (simple, symbolic of city and style)
  4. Esks (old time football, Howie Schumm eh?)
  5. Tiger-Cats (Cat commin' at ya)
  6. 'riders (so '90s)
  7. Lions (go with The Paw)
  8. Alouettes (a whathefugisthat?)

The Lions print is taken directly from US college, that doesn't count against it, it's just not original..
2)Cats (it's actually the best but I live in the 'Peg)
3)Stamps (only the Broncos have a better horsie)
4)'Riders (JUST CLASSIC)
5)All the rest. Gee, letters, Wow...

and what exactly are the bombers and riders?....gee, letters, WOW :roll:

itsd the same as clemson university, and probably 5,000 highschools in the world.

Almost every logo shares traits with other ones. The Stamps logo is identical to the Western Mustangs. Other logos that are 'originals' are probably that way for a reason (hideous).

  1. Ticats - the original one

  2. Argonauts - the one with the football and the sail

  3. Ottawa Rough Riders from the 70's - it's just a white R on a black background, but for some reason they look good when the players are lined up on the field and you have a line of R's, don't ask me why.

  4. B.C. - original colours I like

  5. Al's logo from the 70's I liked as well, the current one is good too.

The rest are fine.

I still love the Birmingham Barracudas helmets, even though they haven't played in over a decade. Baltimore as well, they had a nice look. I think Montreal and Saskatchewan are the best of the current bunch.

I agree with the Ottawa Rough Riders helmet, one of my all time favorites..the simple "R" looks very cool. If Ottawa comes back would love to see that helmet again with a red stripe down the center.

I bet you have a matching Lions sheet and pillowcase set to go along with your Lions PJ's and wallpaper. :wink:

I personally like the GREEN Safeway sign on the helmets. LOL