Best CFL Desktop Wallpapers


My own humble submission:

wow. I don't like the Argos at all but I would be happy to have that on my desktop. My goodness.

The Alouettes and Roughriders are my favourites. None of the teams are making large or widescreen resolutions. Someone get these graphic designers some new hardware.

The Als have wide screen 1024X780 Wallpaper

[url=] ... rs_archive[/url] has a bunch of really good ones.


Kudos to the guy who made the Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie wallpapers. They look really well done, lol although I'm sure they must be some kind of copyright violation.

1024x768 isn't widescreen. That's standard 4:3 resolution, not 16:9.

..and since we're on the topic of football wallpapers, see Green Bay, Tampa Bay and Detroit.

Looks like we can't edit a post more than once.. I think Green Bay sets the standard.
TB | Detroit
The Dominique Dorsey and Keith Stokes are among the newer ones at that are pretty nice. I never noticed the gameday section before. Not too shabby.

I like, and use, the Orange Destruction wallpaper.

The orange destruction looks like an advertisement for Tang.

in fact, most of the BC Lions wallpaper looks like Tang ads.

Man, you must be old if you remember Tang ads...


I'm only 19, but I still remember them. They were insane.. all orange and..'orangatangy'

But it still tastes awesome, even if it kills your throat.

The last time I remember seeing a Tang commercial was back in the early eighties...when I was still in high school.

mmm Tang.

Used to eat the powder like that Lik m Stix stuff. Do they even sell Tang anymore, I can't remember seeing it in the stores. Then again I don't buy any powdered juice anymore other than Iced Tea.

o ya :rockin: :rockin:

i love that last one. you got a link, or a way to size it better?

i dont have the link from the original place i got it from but that is the normal size of desk tops

[url=] ... r53pp5.jpg[/url]

this is the milt 1

and this is the gold 1

[url=] ... r562yw.jpg[/url]

new 1

[url=] ... r265qr.jpg[/url]

(none of these are the full size, when u see the pics, u wil notice they are cut off a bit) i think these were posted on ourbombers...... well then again they could have been on bluebombers, but on my other computer they are all saved, i just put the best 1s on

sweet man thanks

Quoi de neuf?