Best Casey Printers Quotes

Without having George W Bush around anymore to read quotes from I've had to search for a new source. And voila Casey Printers is a BC Lion again!

Anybody have any favourite quotes of his? Here's mine:

Casey on his teammates in Kansas City -
“Look at the guys I was performing with….hell I had to make chicken salad out of chicken $#17? <---- edited the explative, but we all know what he said.

Now... This isnt the same powerhouse 'salad' team that he threw for 5000 yards with years ago. I wonder what he'll say about this group in a few weeks.

Go Lions!

That quote was after he was cut by the Chiefs, not after he left the Lions.

So you look up quotes often? Hope your not misquoting every single one like this.

Where is the misquote Ik17?

Yoeleven was referring to the KC Chiefs. "Casey on his teammates in Kansas City -"

Seems pretty clear to me. And if he's talking about the KC teammates it would be obvious it was after he played with them and was released. Where is the misquote?

There was no misquote there ik17. Its word for word from the HBO special Hard Knocks 3.

Or was that misdirection from the pro-Casey side? Dont worry, 1/2 the other people in my section under the dome love the guy too for some reason. Of course they were also calling for JJ from the start of the season and then boo'ed him for lack of production.

Any news on what kind of shape Roy Dewalt is in?