Best Carpool Karaoke Ever

James Corden has done some wonderful Carpool Karaoke segments - but this one with Paul McCartney in Liverpool is my favourite. Just wonderful!

That was amazing. Thanks for posting it.

You beat me to it Pat. McCartney is my fav. I've seen him 5 times. I had tears in my eyes at the end of this. What a great piece. We are gonna miss this guy when he's gone and then he will be appreciated when it's too late. The supreme composer of our time. The music people don't know about is massive. I play his music all the time.

Hey Dan. I think lots of people would be somewhat weepy (like Corden was) at parts like the story of how McCartney's Mom appearing in one of his dreams resulted in 'Let it Be'.

Loved the stories he told when he was touring his old teenage home, the Penny Lane stories. Heck - everything about the entire piece was just wonderful. Especially seeing the joyful reactions to McCartney by the locals. I've watched it a few times already.

When I posted this yesterday morning it has 56 million views. It is now up to over 71 million. 15 million views in the last 24 hours alone.

I took a lot of grief when I was young. Who's your favourite Beatle ? Mine was Paul. He was the cute one... Something told me he was the composer. His music was upbeat and about love and happiness vs Lennon's pessimistic songs. I saw Wings when they first came to Toronto. I was right beside the stage that jutted out on the left at MLG. ..Serendipity; I am reading a book that tells how the Beatles wrote their songs and there is an article about Paul writing Let It Be and stories about his home on Forthlin. My step dad grew up just down the road from Forthlin. He knew Paul's dad and Paul when he was young, hung out with my step dad's younger brothers.... For two days before my wife showed the me the carpool video I was on google earth looking up all the Beatles's homes in Speke and Allerton.
There are so many Irish descendants who lived in Liverpool, is it any wonder how much good music came out of that town ?

There aren't any musicians close to McCartney that have as many first time listened to and hooked songs. It always felt like he was writing the music just for me. Being of Scots-Irish descent, we always had music playing and someone always played the guitar and fiddle. So many kitchen ceilidhs. We knew what good music sounded like and McCartney fit the mold. Still does. If I could meet one person alive today, it would be McCartney.

There is a lot of music that people don't know about. It's a shame. Oh well, at least I am enjoying it.