might be getting ahead of myself with were lumsden could rank., but myself and a buddy were talking about this recently ,anyoneplease add.
so far i can think of sean millington,eric lapointe.milson jones,chris skinner,andy mcvey,blake marshall just to name a few (i know some are mainly fullbacks).

Ronnie Stewart of the Ottawa Rough Riders would be at the top of my list.

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With another 10 carries, Jesse could very well have shattered Ron's CFL record of 287 yards rushing in a game. Maybe just two more... :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Stewart tops my list too. I saw him in his prime. I've only seen highlight clips of Normie Kwong but he looked like a great back too.

And please don't even bring Lumsden's name into this discussion. It's just silly to do so. Maybe in a few years but this is waaaaaay too premature.

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emms mentioned a number of great Canadian backs. Still early for Jesse , but is definitely on his way. How about adding father NEIL LUMSDEN to the list too ?

i predicted lumsden woul run for 1200 this year, looks like he may blow that out of the water.
definitely ron stewart those rough rider teams really had it great with canadians jackson and stewart leading the way.

Yes, let's not get carried away. But if he keeps running like this he could end up in the NFL soon.

His option year with Hamilton isn't till 2009 so we have him for a while yet :slight_smile:

As I mentioned in another thread, Ted Michaels said on The Fifth Quarter last night that Lumsden's option year is THIS year. My understanding had been that since the standard practice of the club has been two-plus-an-option signings of top talent under Desjardins, that Lumsden's option year is next year (Jesse having signed his current pact last year). Michaels was pretty clear that from his Ticat sources that Jesse's option year is now.


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Oski Wee Cha-Ching,

I guess you missed it later in the 5th quarter when he corrected that statement. He said Lumsden signed a new contract since the original. They claimed this year and next before his option once they were corrected.

Jesse had a great game last night and really got the crowd into the game and gave the offence the confidence they needed. His average was 17.5 yards per carry that's unreal! and only 12 carries. Well done Jesse!

Good! So I am not losing my mind! LOL

maybe....just maybe.....if lunsden stays in the CFL for the rest of his career (hopefully with the cats) when he retires our reply to that question might be ''Jesse Lumsden'' or as our announcer might say ''rumblin tumblin lumsden'' :lol:

My understanding (according to the spec at the time of the contract signing) was that he signed a 2 + an option before the end of last season, making last season year one of the 2 year and this season year 2. I would love for that to be wrong.

By the Time 2009 Rolls Around Jessie will be 27. The NFL May not want look at RB that old.
With Rookies who
maybe be better coming out of the us Collages.

Borehamgirl has it right, Last year was year 1. This is year 2. (He can leave for the NFL after this current season) Next year would be his option.

He was already turned away by the NFL twice. I really hope now he will stay in the CFL with Hamilton.

My feeling is that the team will make him an amazing offer after this season that will make him the 2nd highest paid player on the team.

A player of Lumsden’s calibre should make at least 150-200 thousand per season.

I hope your right Zenstate. i would like to see Lumsden be in Hamilton for a couple of years at least. Although the way he`s playing the nfl will come knocking. i really hope Lumsden stays though!!

Has to be Ronnie Stewart. He played in an era when teams used 2 running backs, T formations, I formations, usually Americans who were very talented and still was a dominant player. I think Normie Kwong, the China Clipper was every bit as good, but didn't influence the game as much as Stewart did because of the teams the played for.

Also - Bobby Kuntz- famous for his dives at the
goal-line with the ball for TDs and his fakes - dives without the ball, while Art Baker or Jim Pace took the ball outside for the TD. He started with the Argos in the mid-50's and was traded to Hamilton in a one-for one trade of Canadian RBs, for the Mover,
Gerry MacDougall. MacDougall, until Troy Davis, held several Ticat records for rushing. However, his Canadian status was determined in the days when definition of a "Canadian" for CFL purposes was very loose. As Bob Hanley wrote in his column in the Spec, MacDougall may have qualified as a Canadian because his parents spent some of their honeymoon in Niagara Falls.
Both Tommy Grant and Ron Howell, though more noted as pass receivers, also spent some time as RBs with the Ticats.