Best Bryan hallisms

I remember Bryan Hall when I was a kid growing up in Edmonton, Now that I live in Vancouver I Don't hear him anymore and most games or on TV but I do recall One in BC where he says the Eskimos are looking like their in Mid season form already . By this time the Esks had already played 6 or 7 Games. I'm sure you guys from Edmonton can come up with a whole lot better I would love to compile a list of these.

One particular one I remember a couple of years ago went like this: Half-time, Hall says, "the Eskimos have got to throw the ball to Tucker he's tha go to guy" Early in the third, pass to Tucker, intercepted, Hall, "Why on earth would they go to Tucker, everybody know he's the go to guy."

Or that other favorite, "Did you see that Farly, what a play", we still to this day don't know what happened, hopefully Farly does.

Please Bryan, push up the retirement a year, please.