Best Bond Actor

Best James Bond actor

My list

  1. Sean Connery... (yes, his movies have an antiquated mentality, and he wasn't necessarily the nicest gent. But he defined the role and set the standard for all to follow.)

  2. Daniel Craig ... feels like the original spirit of the movies. He's actually vulnerable, and less reliant on the gimicky devices.

  3. Pierce Brosnan ... loved the humour in his movies, especially Goldeneye, which is one of the best in the whole series

  4. Timothy Dalton ... following Connery was a tough act. He never quite hit his stride.

  5. Roger Moore ... the movies became a parody/spoof of themselves. He always felt like a fraud to me. All gizmos and gadgets, more fantasy movie than action. Every movie had an eye roll quotient.

  6. George Lazenby... I cannot even sit through On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Terrible movie, terrible casting.

Feel free to comment and agree with me.


David Niven (1967 - Casino Royale) was Ian Fleming's first choice to play James Bond ... a very different portrayal and in a parody not a thriller ... less physically intimidating but elegance out the ying-yang.

I like your ranking, although I slightly prefer Brosnan to Dalton .

I've never seen that one. Is it part of canon, or an outlier like Connery's return in Never Say Never Again?

I also ranked Brosnan ahead of Dalton. But yes that is a close call. Vastly different takes on playing the role.

FWIW, Dalton was great in Hot Fuzz

It was a Fleming supported project outside the Eon Productions (Albert R. Broccoli / Harry Saltzman) canon.


Hard to argue with this list/order.

Brosnans movies did not age well at all but he was good.


how so??

I liked Dean Martin as Matt Helm better than all the bonds.

He never portrayed actually being in danger. His fight scene choreography was laughable, and he just felt more like Maxwell Smart than James Bond. I just basically found his performances unconvincing and over the top.


For me, I like Sean and Pierce neck and neck, followed by Roger. I was a fan of the Saint and the Persuaders. Roger had his own uniqueness that entertained me. As for Gizmos and stuff, I am not sure that is not on him.

Dont really care for any of the others

In fact, I will put Coburn as Flint ahead of the others

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James Bond? That guy who played on the Stamps?

There's always the spectre of his potential return

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daniel craig but i expect a future female bond to kick his arse.

who will be the next emma peel

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Let’s see… Connery
Dalton……poor Timothy. Even he thinks he

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He could talk to dolphins. Matt Helm (Dean Martin) could not.

Xenia Onatopp in Goldeneye omfg so hot. fav bond girl but crappy movie. Grace Jones as May Day kicked some Bond arse.

Jason Bourne had better moves, but Bond is the man guys wanna be.


i tend to agree for the most part. i love the Bourne movies.


any spy or action movie with some woman kicking a dude’s arse is good for me lol

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