Best BC Lions since the mid 70's

1 .Cameron Wake DE
2. Geroy Simon WR
3. Mervyn Fernandez WR
4 Larry Crawford DB
5 Doug Flutie QB
6 Barren Simpson MLB
7 Solomon Eliminium MLB
8 Larry Key RB
9 Danny Mcmanus QB
10 Roy Dewalt QB
11 Emanuel Arceneaux WR
12 James Parker DE
13 Al Wilson C
14 Darren Flutie WR
15 Bryan Burnham SB
16 Otis Floyd OLB
17 Lui Pissaglia kicker
18 Paul Mccallum Kicker
19 Jovan Oliafoye OT
20 Rob Murphy OT
21 John Henry White RB
22 Sean Millington RB
23. BrentJohnson DE
24 Andre Francis DB
25 Barren Miles DB
26 Damon Allen QB
27 Travis Lulay QB
28 Ryan Philips DB
29 Jason Clermont SB
30 Korey Banks DB
31 Andrew Harris RB
32 Aaron Hunt LB
33 Adam Bighill LB
34 Eric Carter DB
35 Matt Dunnigan

The order is not very accurate but the list is pretty complete

Some star players like Dunnigan, Wake, Parker and Doyg Flutie had short stints while other like Wilson, Simon, Miles and Oliafioye spent many years in BC.

Any comments ? Any names to add ? I figure Reillycis in his first year as a starter so kind of hard to add. I wilk make a similar list for the Ticats from the mid 70’s till today.

You have to include “Dirty Thirty”, the one and only Jimmy Young, WR, a Hamilton product, from I believe, Westdale. And the classic was the kicker, whose name escapes me, from around Young’s time that used to keep a pack of DuMaurier cigarettes in his helmet, and would sneak down the sidelines to have a puff during the game. A great team, if not a winning one.

thanks Palmer interesting story.
i still recall Rocky Dipietros first game and the announcer called him dipeetro …they said he was a guy that played semi pro in sudbury and I was disgusted thst theyd bring in this slow receiver with no credentials. Boy was I wrong with that one.

I don't see Jim Mills (OT) on that list:

  • Joe Paopoa, Roy Dewalt.

Apologies - Roy was already on list.

Yeah seamack i forgot mills
neilfml. paopao deserves to be there as well…
i am finding that I am making some mistakes on my lists but they are getting close to being spot on with yours and others input